10 Amazing Cars In Jenson Button's Garage

As a former Formula One champion, Jenson Button is one of the all-time greats in the sport — and he has a vast car collection to boot.

As a former Formula One champion, Jenson Button is one of the all-time greats in the sport, and even though he has been retired several years now, he certainly remains a fan favorite amongst fans.

When you get to drive some of the fastest cars on earth for a living, it has to be tough to compare with an everyday car on the road, which could be why Button has got a vast car collection that many petrolheads would be very jealous of.

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Button owns some of the most incredible cars ever made, proving that his passion for driving goes far beyond the F1 tracks, and within this article, we will look at 10 of the very best cars in his garage.

10 Ferrari 355 GTS

The Ferrari 355 GTS was one of the first cars that Jenson Button ever purchased, with the Formula One star buying the car second-hand, yet even though he wasn't the original owner, he does still have the car in his garage.

The car has certainly proved to be reliable enough, with Button buying it when he was just 19-years-old, being so young that he couldn't even test drive it before purchase due to insurance restraints.

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This is a car that Button has claimed he will be keeping forever, admitting that he loves the sound of the engine, claiming it is like music to him.

9 VW Camper Van

Another vehicle in Jenson Button's collection that he has a lot of sentimental value in is his VW Camper Van, a vehicle he has put a lot of time and effort in, with Button actually owning two, with one in Monaco and one in the UK.

Button uses the van when he performs in triathlons, in order to pack it up with everything he needs, with the F1 driver covering the outside in stickers for whatever charity he is competing for.

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Button added a 2.0-litre VW engine, 200bhp, worked on all the suspension and added Fuchs wheels, putting plenty of effort into making the van to his liking.

8 Chevrolet Pickup 3100

Slightly different to the vast majority of Jenson Button's car, the Chevrolet Pickup 3100 was the first-ever true American vehicle that the British F1 star ever purchased, picking up a Smurf blue version of the car.

Button had always wanted a classic American car and therefore he decided to go to an auction where he ended up buying three, with the Chevrolet Pickup 3100 being one of them.

Dating back to 1956, this really is a classic, and whilst it isn't going to be hitting the speeds that Button is used to from his racing career, it will certainly allow him to carry plenty of items in the back, having its uses.

7 Chevy Bel Air

As we previously mentioned, Jenson Button ended up buying three all American vehicles when he went to auction, hoping to pick up something for his home in California, where he spends the majority of his time now.

Another car that he bought during that auction was the Chevy Bel Air, a classic vehicle that really has an old-school look, making this the idyllic car to be driving alongside the beach on a summers day.

The version of the Chevy Bel Air that Button purchased had an LS7 Corvette lump thrown in it with 500bhp, adding an incredible bit of kit to an already fantastic car.

6 McLaren P1

Imagine just nipping to the shops for some milk or bread and casually being able to do so in a McLaren P1, well, that is the life that Jenson Button gets to lead after an incredible career in Formula One.

Button purchased the McLaren P1, which he claims is a monster of a car, and that is likely why he often chooses it to drive around in, with the McLaren P1 having plenty of power and speed which is something that he can handle with ease.

It is no surprise that the McLaren P1 is one of Button's favorite cars in his garage, and it is one that he is likely to continue owning for a very long time.

5 Trans Am

As we previously mentioned, Jenson Button picked up three American cars during his time at the California car auction, and the final one of that trio was the Trans Am, which is a classic American vehicle.

However, despite purchasing it, Button has admitted that he doesn't drive the car much, with one of the only times he has actually ridden it being because his partner wanted to use it for a photo shoot.

During an interview with Top Gear, he admitted: "I got home, looked at them and thought… what have I just done. To be fair though, I got them for a really good price."

4 Honda NSX

The Honda NSX is a car that Jenson Button was able to have as a company car (not bad, right?), with Button being gifted the vehicle to drive during his Formula One career, a perk he likely misses since retiring.

The vehicle is one that Button really enjoyed having, getting a lot of use out of it during his time with the car as he claims he had a lot of good memories in this speedy vehicle away from the race track.

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You might think that F1 drivers would want to relax and slow things down on a day off, just getting in a casual drive, but that clearly isn't the case as this car shows.

3 Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM

It isn't just supercars that Jenson Button has owned throughout his lifetime, with the Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM also being a vehicle in his garage, which is a car with great elegance and class.

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However, on top of the luxuries that are expected to come with a Mercedes-Benz, this vehicle is a supercharged version that uses a 5.4 litre V8 that is capable of producing 428kW and 800Nm, with a top speed of 322km/h, making this an incredibly powerful and fast car.

Button admitted that this vehicle was a true beast that was actually difficult to try and tame, which, when coming from a Formula One driver, should show just how powerful it really is.

2 McLaren 675LT Spider

One of the most impressive cars in Jenson Button's garage is the McLaren 675LT Spider, which is a brilliant vehicle with its V8 and 675 horsepower, packing the car with tons of power and speed.

Button had this vehicle specifically shipped to him, showing just how badly he wanted to own it, and he is often seen on the roads with this one, which is one of his favorites at the moment.

Whilst it isn't the McLaren F1, which is Button's dream car (which he won't buy due to its price), it is still an incredible McLaren vehicle that is incredibly impressive to look at on the road.

1 Ferrari F40

This might not be the most modern or sleek car in Jenson Button's garage, but when it comes to sentimental value, the Ferrari F40 means more to Button than any other car that he owns.

For Button, the Ferrari F40 was his dream car growing up as a child, having a picture of the vehicle on his bedroom wall whilst he was a child, so when he got the chance to own one, he went out of his way to find it.

Button has admitted he has driven the Ferrari F40 quite a lot as the car is a lot of fun for him, with the vehicle being a very mechanical one that has plenty of power.

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