This Is A Jet-Powered Amish Wagon. No, Really

A pair of Ohio gearheads have given an Amish-built horse-drawn buggy a jet engine. Because why not?

Jet Amish Buggy

What you are looking at is a jet-powered Amish wagon.

Do not adjust your web browser. What you are seeing is real, courtesy of Chad Clark and Mike Monter of Millersburg, Ohio. One evening at the county fair, Chad had the bright idea of turning a four-wheel-drive pickup into a turbine-powered drag racer. So Chad went online late at night searching for a turbine engine to power his dream.

Perhaps it was a little too late at night or he’d had a few too many to drink because he accidentally purchased a turbojet and not a turbine. The two are very different--a turbine propels a drive shaft whereas a turbojet just spews hot gas out the back end. Chad accidentally bought a jet engine.

Where normal people might contact the seller and try to get their money back, Chad just changed his dream from making a pickup drag racer to making a jet-powered horse-drawn wagon. Y’know, as you do.

Acquiring the buggy was not difficult, given they both live in Amish country. Neither was updating the buggy from the bronze age to the space age. A steel subframe provides support for the engine while the cockpit has been wired up with a combination of car and aircraft gauges. A lever controls throttle and a ludicrous steering wheel controls the front wheels.

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That's it. A racing seat with a harness provides some measure of comfort, but there's no roll care in case one of those wooden wheels comes flying off. This thing is about as basic as you can get, as was planned from the beginning. Sort of.

You'd expect a jet-powered anything to be pretty fast, but this buggy isn't exactly a speed demon. The open-top design and the poor traction of the wheels mean that this thing can maybe achieve 60 mph on a good day.

But that’s fine. This car is just for fun, to bring around to the various local sporting events and impress people with its lunacy. Check out the video above to see this wagon in action.

(Source: Thunder Buggy on Facebook)

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