Junkyard Empire: 25 Little Known Facts Every Fan Should Know

Junkyard Empire is one of those shows that you might not know of, but you should. Junkyard Empire features a father and son duo in Bobby and Andy Cohen, and they turn some of the worst shape cars and trucks into cold hard cash.

Not only do they run a full-service scrap yard, but son Andy has opened an automotive customization and restoration shop on site as well, where they turn piles of scrap into cars worth selling.

We are going to be talking about some of the little-known facts that any fan or newcomer alike should know about the show. Some ranging from the clash of Bobby and Andy's personalities to the future of the show, and even how they maintain the family business and adapt in order for it to flourish.

Junkyard Empire has the aspects of any show that you could ask for, and even those that you might not expect. To start off this list of 25 Little Known Facts about Junkyard empire, we are diving into the relationship between father Bobby and son Andy, in how they view the business.

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25 Continuing A Legacy

Via Motor Trend

Even after Bobby Cohen stepped down from managing the operation of the Junkyard Empire business, Andy has stepped up to create an ongoing legacy that his father created.

Since this business was created many years before by Bobby, Andy wants to ensure that his father's legacy of the business continues on. Even though Bobby still finds himself at the scrapyard trying to help, it is a breath of fresh air that Andy is working to create something bigger from his father's hard work.

24 Over The Top Builds

Via Twitter

Much less off the wall, but still just as nice are some of the best builds that the Junkyard Empire's crew has completed.

It is hard to believe that some of these cars were completely wrecked and or totaled before the restoration takes place. Often times the crew tends to do more of a resto-mod type build with each of these, including this beautiful Jeep. But this show isn't just about junk, it is about what can be made from nothing.

23 Progressing The Business

Via Motor Trend

The business has always been a main concern for Andy Cohen of Junkyard Empire. Finding ways to completely overhaul and or supplement income is his specialty and he is very good at what he does.

From finding some of the best cars to flip, to full restorations, as well as the full functioning scrap yard, Andy has adapted and progressed the business to where Bobby wasn't able to. Granted, Bobby put the foundation down for him, but there was a lot of room for improvement.

22 The Search And Rescue Idea

Via Motor Trend on Demand

One of the major things that Andy saw as an opportunity was actually creating a prototype ATV to assist with search and rescue missions off road. This will help with rescues that normally wouldn't be accessible for a long time, and do so quickly.

Where this was a really big risk, with risk comes reward. Not only did the crew successfully create an ATV but they also helped local fire departments with these as well. Where an idea is just an idea, Andy sees it as a cash pile.

21 Mad Max Police Interceptor

Via Hemmings

One of the rarest vehicles that the Junkyard Empire's crew has come across for a project is the original Mad Max police interceptor.

There is only one of these in existence, and it isn't in Australia. This car was the original movie car for Mad Max. Not only did they restore it slightly, but they also added a functional supercharger versus just the movie prop. Talk about a serious find, and a pop culture relic as well.

20 Maintaining The Family Business

Via JustWatch

The family business is something that Bobby Cohen has always wanted to build. From the beginning, this was the goal to have a family business, which was also successful.

Not only has the show Junkyard Empire brought even more success to the family, but it has built it even higher than Bobby ever would have imagined. This is something that isn't just a business anymore, it is truly an empire and Bobby and Andy are sitting at the top, finding ways to make it even bigger.

19 Transitioning To Flipping Cars

Via Motor Trend

One thing that you've been able to see on Junkyard Empire is that the show is moving more towards flipping cars. Whether these are just simple flips or large restoration projects, this has been something that Andy has envisioned for many years.

Flipping cars takes all of the aspects of Andy's vision and places them together. Junkyard Empire has had a ton of huge flips, and they will continue to do so.

18 A Son And Father Clash

Via YouTube

Bobby Cohen, who founded the junkyard around 25 years ago, is a very laid back person. Andy, on the other hand, is much more in your face and out there.

With two different views on how the business can continue to grow, the duo always finds themselves at a crossroads since their personalities differ so drastically. However, this doesn't stop them from making the right decisions for the show and the business.

17 Adapting To Make Money

Via Damascus Motors

One of the biggest things that any business needs to do is adapt. Junkyard Empire is no different. In order to adapt to make money, not only has the crew dove deeper into the automotive selling side of the business, but they've also begun doing restorations.

With Andy at the helm of the operation, the business is progressing toward a real empire, versus just a Junkyard that most might see at first glance, which gives fans of the show great energy and flavor behind how Andy thinks.

16 Auto Restorations

Via Streamly

One of the things that Junkyard Empire has done in order to actually grow their business is doing automotive restorations.

Naturally, the crew will find themselves scavenging up cars that are worth money if restored, and Andy has seen this as a huge money generating side of the business, even if at times Bobby does disagree. However, this has been a successful side of the business and it will be for the foreseeable future of Junkyard Empire.

15 Event-Based Rentals

Via MotorTrend

Another idea that Andy had was to turn some of the cars that they restore into event vehicles, in which they can rent out; for instance this Maryland flag based ambulance to help promote certain events.

His vision for this was to create a recurring revenue source that would keep making money, without having to shell out a ton of money to make it back. This gives Junkyard Empire another source of income to grow the business even further than they've already done.

14  Creating A Show At A Campfire Meeting

Via YouTube

Something very interesting is actually how the show came to air. Before the first season, Andy was at a campfire with a few of his friends, one of which happened to work with Half Yard Productions.

After listening to Andy tell his stories, and go on about the business and everything in between, one of them jokingly said that they needed to give him his own show. Nearly a year and a half later, the first episode of Junkyard Empire aired.

13 Dealing With The Slow Season

Via Dplay

Like with any business, Junkyard Empire tends to deal with the slow season as well in the Washington D.C. area. One of the ways that they've combated this is with the auto restoration side of the business.

Once Andy's brainchild came to life, this was one of the best ways that they could occupy their time. Between flipping cars and restorations, during the scrapyard's slow season, the team was always busy with a project.

12 Decades Of Dedication


The scrapyard was founded by Bobby Cohen nearly 25 years ago, which gives an interesting look into how long these two have been working here and creating a viable business.

Not only has Bobby managed to get the business to the point where Andy has taken over, but he continues to give his time to the business. This is something that shows how dedicated someone can be to a business that they've been a part of for many years.

11 Finding The Perfect Car

Via Motor Trend on Demand

Finding a car to flip or restore isn't an easy task. Luckily Andy always finds a way to combine the knowledge of cars with business as well.

He almost always finds a way to find the perfect car, where a solid profit margin will be taken. But it takes a certain eye to see this type of opportunity and with the trained eye that Andy has developed, he will be continuously making these finds until he decides to slow down.

10 Keeping The Family Together

Via Half Yard Productions

Family is everything, and for Junkyard Empire that is the only thing. This has been a family business for many years already, and it has helped them find success not only just on the TV screen, but in business as well.

Keeping the family business together when things get tough is the hard part, not only do you have to figure out what you are doing to progress, but how to keep your family intact and not broken. A family business is the hardest kind of business venture that you can possibly do, even if you have found success.

9 Knowing When To Cut Losses

Via Motor Trend

This is one of the most important things that Andy has had to realize when it comes to restorations, projects and business in general; when to cut your losses on a bad project.

Sometimes you do find yourself in a situation where you will end up spending more money than you will make, and Andy has found himself in that situation more than just once. Not only do projects and scrapyard cars have surprises, but they can be extremely expensive surprises as well.

8  Off The Wall Builds


The Junkyard Empire crew is known for some of their nice and clean builds that they do. However, they often flex with some of the off the wall things they build. From a PT Cruiser converted to an ice cream truck, to a jet boat car contraption.

There is always something to find in the most notorious scrapyard in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas. Not only has Andy wanted to become bigger, but he wants to promote their capabilities as well with the builds they finish.

7  Seeing Junk As Cash

Via Motor Trend on Demand

Being a leader in the scrapyard space, the Junkyard Empire has done something that few seem to do when it comes to, well, junk.

Andy has always had the talent for not seeing junk as just junk, but seeing it as an opportunity to create something into cash. It isn't just about having a good eye for these things, it is seeing things differently, and making that happen, which is what Andy has found success in.

6 The Best Finds

Via Dplay

Some of the best finds of the show have also turned into huge profiting makers for Andy and Bobby. Finding a Cadillac like this one, or even the old school Rolls Royce, and even supercars have been among the finds for Junkyard Empire.

It is that knack for finding the best scrap and junk that has led to some of the best finds in the history of the show and led to an even bigger business for Andy as he continues to make these finds and restore them for a huge profit.

5 The Clash Of Two Personalities

Via YouTube

One of the things that continue to happen at the scrapyard or on the show Junkyard Empire is the clash between Andy and Bobby.

Where Andy has officially taken over the show and the business, Bobby still finds himself at the scrapyard or on set. This adds to the tension between the two, because Andy again is a very outspoken person with a go-getter/can do attitude, and Bobby is much more laid back. However, with the show on the rise, and the business booming, there always will be some compromise between the two.

4 The Future Of The Show

Via MotorTrend on Demand

Junkyard Empire is one of the many automotive reality styles shows on air today. Not only has it brought a completely different aspect to the network, but it also has brought a ton of entertainment with the personalities of Bobby and Andy.

The show doesn't seem to be slowing down, despite cast changes and Bobby stepping down. Each of these could seem like a good thing, depending on how you look at it. However, it does have to continuously adapt in order to continue to flourish moving forward.

3 Having A Keen Eye

Via Jolygram

The keen eye is one thing that Andy and Bobby both have in common. Each of these two has made a living by building a Junkyard Empire (through having a keen eye for seeing junk as cash).

This leads to making huge finds that can be restored and flipped, or even finds that can be sold just as is. Fortunately, it has brought them a ton of success and the show has reflected that as well.

2 The Struggle Of A Family Business

Via YouTube

The family business is one thing that both Bobby and Andy Cohen have clashed about. On one hand, each wants to ensure that they are making money, and on the other, they want to build the family business even bigger than ever before.

However, like any business with family, it becomes an extremely daunting task to balance the two. Fortunately, the duo is still strong, however, you can always see the tension between the two. Adding on top of that, multiple businesses and a TV show can't help much either.

1  Turning Scrap Into Cash

Via Steamly

Tying back to the keen eye section, both Andy and Bobby have always had the knack for turning scrap into cash. With the business of being a full-service scrapyard, you have to admit that the duo has found success doing what they are good at.

Andy specifically has always been about making money. Each car that is scrap, isn't just junk in his eyes, it is cold hard cash. This mentality not only gives him an advantage over the competition, but it adds a huge business advantage. That is what Junkyard Empire is all about.

Sources: Motor Trend, Half Yard Productions, Motor Trend on Demand, Hemmings

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