Kanye West Probably Owns The Ugliest Lamborghini Urus In The World [Video]

Kanye West may own the worst-looking Urus around.

Kanye West is known for the outlandish and we're pretty sure he's comfortable with that. In fact, he looks like he's reveling in it.

While the American rapper is very influential and his style (as it pertains to every single thing) has its fair share of fans, many are of the view that Mr. West has the worst of tastes.

His mode of dress has always been questionable and there are plenty of other aspects about his life that keep people talking. The College Dropout artiste recently showed off a new rainbow hairstyle. But this is a car site; we don't care about that, we're only here to talk about his new Lamborghini Urus.

Kanye was spotted taking photos near his new whip outside of his Los Angeles office a few days ago and it's pretty unique, which is hardly a surprise. The 2019 model is finished in some strange paint - for a Lambo, that is, as the color goes well with, say a G63, Jeep Wrangler or Tacoma TRD Pro. Even more strangely, it's bright blue on the inside.

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As if those weren't enough, the thing sits on monoblock wheels.

Kanye could quite possibly be the proud owner of the worst-looking Urus on the planet.

His appearance comes just after he was lambasted on social media for "pretending to be poor". The rapper and his celebrity wife Kim Kardashian posted a photo of themselves eating breakfast in a modest kitchen, something that didn't go down well with fans.

"Using the lower and middle class as some type of aesthetic" a comment read. "Keep it classy '@kimkardashian & Ye."

Another one reads: "I wish I could pretend being poor instead of actually being it.'

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Well, Kanye is back to being his extravagant self, having posed next to his $200,000 Urus while wearing some gold around his neck just days after he was blasted for his pretend poor photo.

West and his wife are worth a combined $350 million so he could trick his cars out however he pleases. Unfortunately, that doesn't always mean it's done well.

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