The 8 Coolest Motorcycles In Keanu Reeves' Collection

You may remember Keanu Reeves from iconic roles in films like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and of course, the groundbreaking Matrix trilogy. What you may not realize, however, is that Mr. Reeves is a down to earth superstar who just happens to have a passion for riding and customizing motorcycles!

Though he didn't start to ride until his early twenties, after he learned, it was impossible for him to stop. Even when studios asked him to sign contracts stating he would not put himself at risk by riding, he admitted this year to GQ that sometimes he would "forget" about this rule, and indulge in a motorcycle ride anyway.

Well, with this fabulous collection of bikes, including some that he designed himself, we really can't blame him! Check out 8 of Reeves's awesome bikes for yourself by scrolling down below!

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8 West Coast Choppers El Diablo

Reeves is the proud owner of this black El Diablo, custom engraved and painted for him by California motorcycle makers West Coast Choppers. West Coast Choppers is owned by icon Jesse James, who started marketing the business while he was still in high school by selling tie-in t-shirts and other merch.

James usually caters to celebrity clients, only producing a few bikes a year that are worth large sums of cash. Reeves is not the only one to get his hands on an El Diablo, as Shaquille O'Neal and Kid Rock both have their own customized model complete with bright colors. The price on Keanu Reeves's model is approximately $150,000!

7 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

One of Reeves's go-to favorite bikes, the Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide was produced between 1991 to 2017, and retailed for around $15,000.

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Famously, Reeves decided to take his Wide Glide to be customized by custom bike builder Gard Hollinger, who also shared the actor's enthusiasm for motorcycles. The blueprints for this customization project led to the prototype of Reeve's own bike, the Arch KRGT-1, which ended up becoming the company's first bike built from scratch. Since the prototype Harley contained only the original Harley engine at the end of the five year project, it probably isn't so different from the KRGT-1 fans know today!

6 Arch KRGT-1

This important bike marked the beginning of Reeves's career in the motorcycle business, as it signaled the launch of his own brand, Arch Motorcycle!

Designed as a "performance cruiser," the Arch Motorcycle website claims that the bike is perfect for long rides, but also stand up to a bit of force. Each motorcycle built by Arch is customized for its rider, giving it the same personalized touch that Reeves desired for own custom Harley all those years ago! The KRGT-1 originally dropped in 2015, and was updated for 2018 with a 48mm fork and new tank shape. A reviewer for Cycle World who traveled 1,000 miles on the KRGT-1 praised its ability to ride well in turns, while also offering its rider maximum comfort.

5 Norton Commando 750

Reeves has owned a few Nortons in his time, and it seems that he's a fan of the brand! Norton reposted him on their website in 2012 cruising in West Hollywood on his beloved bike, and they seem grateful for the big name endorsement.

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Unfortunately, this Norton 750 was involved in a minor accident in 2011. Police were called to the spot where Reeves had parked his Norton in front of a medical building. Apparently, a woman had backed her Mercedes into the bike, which caused some minor damage. Luckily, the actor was able to ride away on the bike with her personal information, and judging from the pictures taken the following year, it looks like the Norton 750 is up and running as normal!

4 1973 Norton Commando 850 MK II Roadster

This was Reeves's second motorcycle, and the oldest one still in his collection! Purchased in 1987, this gem of a bike is beloved, and for a good reason. It's one of the first bikes the actor owned after he became a fan of motorcycles!

Reeves found his enthusiasm for bikes after traveling to Munich for a film project. A woman there riding a Kawasaki Enduro taught him the basics of motorcycles, and Reeves never looked back from there. This bike is also famous for its role in film history, as it was the method of transportation for Reeves's trip across the country to convince River Phoenix to join the cast of My Own Private Idaho, which he did successfully!

3 Arch Method 143

The first concept motorcycle built with a carbon-fiber mono cell chassis, the Method 143 was the second bike produced by Reeves's company Arch Motorcycle. The bike is a beauty, using fine leather, carbon fiber, and aluminum together in the body to craft a bike that rides well and looks great doing it.

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Getting your hands on a Method 143 will be a challenge unless you have a lot of cash and connections. The bike was limited to a production run of 23 units, so it is extremely rare unless you know where to find it!

2 Arch 2019 1s

The newest model from Arch, the 1S is tailored more toward the crowd that favors aggressive riding, but still attempts to deliver a comfortable and satisfying performance-cruiser experience. Like all the Arch models, it is available to be customized by the owner and was the first single-sided swingarm model from the brand.

Reviews for the bike praise its raw aesthetic and its handle, which is similar to that of a racing bike. Though it operates a bit more forcefully, it is a powerful and formidable motorcycle and great addition to Arch's collection of custom-built bikes!

1 Matrix: Reloaded Green Ducati

What could top this awesome customized bike? Developed for the action hit Matrix: Reloaded, this Ducati was painted a special green color for the film, and now even has the movie's title on its side. In a video interview with GQ, Reeves recounts how star Carrie-Ann Moss had never ridden a motorcycle in her life before the making of the film!

Once under the care of the Wachowskis, the creators of the Matrix trilogy, Reeves is now its caretaker and keeps it in his private collection with the rest of his purchased bikes and Arch motorcycles. He vowed in the GQ video interview to take the bike for a spin the next time he travels to the track, so it seems that this Ducati still gets some much-needed ride time!

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