Ken Block Reveals Insane Gymkhana 10 Video That Will Get Your Heart Pounding

Ken Block makes silly cars, and Gymkhana 10 shows off his ability like no other.

By now, you might as well call it an official brand – the Gymkhana Series is a tire-shaving showdown; a battle of attrition between the fiercest automotive engineering on the planet and the many sets of tires that were burned into a bright, white cloud during the Gymkhana filming project. For those unfamiliar with the Gymkhana productions – they essentially take a catalog of race-engineered powerplants (and corner-clawing, all-wheel drive prototype designs), and stuff them into grocery-getters and old Mustangs just to see what happens.


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It all started back in 2008. The name Ken Block started to surface in the mainstream racing world as he began to amass a loyal following of hooligans; we were all transfixed by what the man could make an all-wheel drive do in an open airfield with a few GoPros – and thousands of dollars-worth of rubber. A decade later, he’s still up to his usual tomfoolery – this time with a vehicle so big, it had to be “modularly” designed (and built) to facilitate easy transport (and make it easy to fix boo-boos when they happen).

It’s the truck your dad used to have – mixed with a WRC racing pedigree, and infused with 3D-printed engine technology – custom-built by Ford Racing. The vehicle was sent to Detroit for a completely-custom powerplant; it even has a few GT-inspired components working under the hood. Together, the combination of performance parts bolted to the 3.5L billet block pump over 900hp through the all-wheel-drive powertrain. (His daily-driver is a Raptor, what did you expect him to put in it?)

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The engineering itself that went into the truck would blow your mind – and is deserving of its own, in-depth exploration. But to no end, all the engineering in the world means nothing – Hoonitruck was built to destroy tires with the tenacity of a Top-Fuel dragster. Truth be told, Hoonitruck makes Top-Fuel drag racing look like a Snoopy ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.

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The 20-minute feature begins with a brief introduction and a few minutes of snow-bound nonsense in Sweden before shifting focus to the main attraction – Ken Block tearing up historic sections of Route 66 in 12 minutes of rubberized-genocide that – if it’s even possible – finds a way to top his impressive Hoonigan legacy to date.

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You’ve seen the 1,400hp Mustangs and 600hp Fiestas tear up the surface of the earth with an obstinate grudge against traction; Hoonigan’s tenacious unwillingness to submit to the concept of grip means, as much as Block loves the memory of dad’s old truck – there’s probably something better being cooked up at the time of your reading this. Check out the ridiculous Hoonitruck in action now, and get up to speed!


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