Watch Ken Block's Hunitruck Drift In Raw Test

Ken Block's Hunitruck is something special, and now, we get to see it in action during a raw test.

With a ferocious sound that can only best be described as an outraged hornet on steroids, Ken Block's immortal Hoonitruck speeds onto the pavement. The feisty four wheeler launches into turns that cause it to glide across the asphalt surface without a single compensatory hum from the engine. This ain't no Tokyo drift, but something bigger, more like a continental drift.

Smoke percolates from the treads like black bacon on a skillet, clouding up the camera perched at the top of the wheel well with its gaseous overflow making its way through the floorboards. Back and forth across the track careens the Hoonitruck, as the previously spotless tarmac is now adorned with a curvy matrix of rubber from those punishing skids.

A few minutes later, Block is still mercilessly pressing the pedal to the metal, with his left hand on the wheel and his right hand alternating between the gearshift and a hydraulic handbrake. The Hoonitruck is still going at it big-time with no worse for wear, but as for those treads? Heck, they're spewing smoke that envelops the whole truck like a locomotive charging through hell.

It would take a 40-car pileup at Talladega to rival this high-octane guilty pleasure. Yeah, way intense. And way, way cool.

It's all in a days work for former rally car racing veteran Block, whose previous exploits include taking to the sloping trails of Pikes Peak and spin some radical doughnuts on the mean streets of Los Angeles. For sure he's got the skills to match whatever terrain is visible through the windshield, but you also can't deny the power of the Hoonitruck he drives.

Bearing the base of a 1977 Ford F-150, this monster boasts 702 pounds per foot of torque that with a Sadev six-speed gearbox (originally on Block's Mustang) supplies all that power to the wheels. And that block on the front peeking over where front fenders and a hood used to exist is a 914 horsepower V6 engine making all that noise.

As cool as that Hoonitruck is, Block and business partner Brian Scotto are preparing for the next evolution of their Gymkhana monster mobile, and the latest series started Dec. 7,2018 on Amazon Prime.


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