Ken Block Reveals His Custom AWD Ford F-150 Hoonitruck

Ken Block has revealed the latest star of his custom build videos: the Gymkhana 10 AWD Ford F-150 Hoonitruck.

Ken Block Reveals His Custom AWD Ford F-150 Hoonitruck

Ken Block has revealed his brand new, all-wheel-drive, custom Ford F-150 “Hoonitruck” in time for the release of Gymkhana 10.

This guy really loves his trucks. That might sound a little strange considering Ken Block has made a name for himself driving various rallycross vehicles, among which a 1977 Ford F-150 is generally not considered. But Block grew up driving this very model of truck--he did his first donut, performed his first burnout, and shredded his first tire on a 1977 Ford F-150. It was only natural for the Hoonigan co-owner to gravitate towards this truck eventually, and so he has created a bespoke rallycross vehicle out of the bones of an antique Ford.

He calls it the Hoonitruck.

via Hoonigan

The design and styling might have been handled by the boys at Hoonigan, but the heavy lifting was all handled by Detroit Speed in Mooresville, North Carolina. They did a great job creating Block’s latest baby, which will be featured in the soon-to-release Gymkhana 10.

Under the hood is the same engine that powers a Ford GT Le Mans racer, that being a 3.5-L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6. Power is rated at 914 hp along with 702 lb-ft of torque.


In addition to providing the engine, Ford Performance was also kind enough to 3D-print the intake manifold and send it to Detroit Speed for installation. The rest is mostly grunt-work: out-the-front exhaust located just behind the front fenders, a carbon fiber dashboard with racing electronics, and a 6-speed Saedev gearbox to forcefully shunt all that power to all 4 wheels at once.

Although this is a 1977 version, there are a few things the Hoonitruck shares with a modern F-150. The bodywork is all made of aircraft-grade aluminum, just like a 2019 F-150, and the backup camera and tow hitch setup is lifted directly from one of today’s pickups. It even has Ford Pass for keyless entry and remote engine starting.

If you want to get a good look at the Hoonitruck, you can catch at the Toyo Tires booth at the SEMA Show starting October 30th. Otherwise, you can see the making-of when Gymkhana 10 drops on Amazon Prime.


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