Kia Stinger GT Beats Mustang In Quarter Mile Competition Again

Kia Stinger GT Beats Mustang In Quarter Mile Competition

The Kia Stinger GT has once again defeated the Mustang GT in a quarter mile drag race.

And it’s for a very good reason. And it rhymes with “fall heel bribe.”

A few months ago, we caught up with an Australian YouTube channel that pitted a Mustang GT against a Stinger GT. On paper, there really isn’t much of a contest between the two cars. The Stinger is the new South Korean darling of the automotive world with a 3.3-L twin-turbo V6 putting out 365 ponies—plenty of power for any daily commuter. The Mustang has a big 5.0-L naturally aspirated V8 that throws down nearly 100 more ponies and scoffs at Korean engineering.

The Mustang typically posts quarter mile times in and around 12 seconds, while the Stinger gets in at just under 13. On top of that, the Mustang even has a massive weight advantage at 3,800 lbs compared to the Stinger’s over 4,000.

Put the two in a simple drag race and the Mustang should win every time. Only it didn’t. It didn’t back in March in Australia, and it didn’t again in a recent video from Canada.


We have Throttle House to thank for this latest competition pitting a Mustang GT against its similarly priced Korean cousin. In this video, the Stinger GT is stock while the Mustang GT has been customized with several options normally only found on the GT350, such as magnetic suspension, 10-speed automatic transmission, and a set of wider tires.

But the Stinger has two distinct advantages in a drag race. The first is all-wheel-drive that puts all of its power to every tire at once rather than just the two in the back. It also can access its power much earlier than the Mustang with far better low-end torque.

We didn’t get to have the final speed or drag times, but the races always end the same: the Stinger gets an early jump that is just so insurmountable that the Mustang can’t catch up before the race is over.

Both drivers readily admit that given even a few hundred more feet the Mustang would creep past the Stinger, but under the confines of a single quarter mile, the Stinger wins every time.

On the track, the Mustang also defeats the Stinger simply for having a higher top speed and far better handling thanks to its magnetic wizardry. But in a straight line, the heavier Stinger is the winner.

Which car you prefer says a lot about you: the Mustang has brute power that can never be used, but the Stinger has accessible speed that can also carry passengers and groceries. The Stinger also gets better mileage, so keep that in mind.


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