Kia Stinger GTS Adds Drift Mode Which Was The Only Thing This Sedan Was Missing

Kia added the only thing that could have made the Stinger even better: a rear-biased AWD with drift-mode.

2020 Stinger GTS

If you ever wanted a Kia Stinger drift car, the Stinger GTS is probably your best bet.

We love the Kia Stinger. It’s the 4-door performance sedan we’d pick over a Toyota Camry any day of the week, and now Kia has made the Stinger just that much sweeter.

Unveiled at the New York Auto Show is the Stinger GTS, which is just like the Stinger GT only it comes with a new dynamic all-wheel drive system (D-AWD)" that tries to "close the gap in behavior between the AWD-equipped and RWD-equipped Stinger GT."

What this means in English is that the Stinger GTS has an adjustable rear-biased AWD system and a mechanical limited-slip rear differential. You can select from three driving modes: Comfort, Sport, and Drift. Comfort gives the Stinger a 60:40 rear-biased power profile for regular, everyday driving. Sport gives the car an 80:20 rear-bias, providing for some faster speed and better cornering.

2020 Stinger GTS
via Kia

Drift puts all the power to the rear wheels and holds the 8-speed automatic to prevent upshifting, allowing you to pull some sweet drifts.

The GTS comes with the best engine the Stinger currently has available, which is the 3.3-L twin-turbo V6 with 365 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque. Power goes through an 8-speed automatic, and you can get the GTS with either dynamic all-wheel-drive or regular old rear-wheel-drive as you please.


Other than the fancy AWD system, the GTS gets some carbon fiber accents around the tiger nose grille, side mirror caps, and side vents. You can get the car in any color you want so long as its “Federation” orange. GTS badges can be found throughout, and a Stinger emblem is on the trunk instead of the usual Kia logo.

2020 Stinger GTS
via Kia

Inside, the GTS gets Alcantara on the steering wheel and center console, while the headlinder is covered in “suede-like Chamude”. Sunroof, wireless charging, and a 720-watt Harman Kardon sound system are all standard.

Sadly, the GTS will be limited to just 800 units, but we can’t image the dynamic all-wheel-drive system remaining exclusive to the GTS for very long. Pricing is $44,000 for the RWD car and around $46,500 for D-AWD version, with only 800 units total to be produced. Best get on the line with Kia now if you want to pick one up because they’re likely to sell out fast.


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