Koenigsegg Begins Work On New Supercar

Koenigsegg recently revealed they're looking to make a replacement vehicle to the Agera RS, noting it will be even faster than before.

Koenigsegg Begins Work On New Supercar

Koenigsegg is working on a replacement car that’s even more insane than the Agera RS.

It’s hard to imagine anything that can top the current model Agera that’s made by Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg, but the man with his name on the company promises that a new one is in the works. And it’ll be even faster than the current model.

The Agera RS is unofficially the world’s fastest production car. Unofficially because the car hasn’t been the feat of reaching 284.55 mph has yet to be repeated by anyone dumb enough to get the Agera up to that kind of speed. Also, it’s difficult to find a stretch of road long enough for the car to reach such an insane velocity.

But speaking to Top Gear, Christian von Koenigsegg promised a new model is in the works and will be even faster than the current one.


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“We have a replacement car coming after the Agera RS,” he said. “The Regera is, let’s say, the best car we can build for ‘normal road use’. It’s a kind of GT car. The replacement for the Agera, Agera RS and One:1 is not a hyper-GT. It’s more race-like. It’s even more capable than the Agera RS.”

Even more capable than the fastest production car ever made? Insane, but that’s what Koenigsegg is planning.

Christian went on to say that there will be no electrification or hybridization of the car at all, and that everything will remain powered by Koenigsegg’s twin-turbo V8 engine. It’ll rev to somewhere around 8,800 RPMs, and be made entirely of billet aluminum. The new material will shave 44 lbs off the current engine.

“We refining it, making it a little bit lighter, a little bit stronger,” said von Koenigsegg. “The thing with that engine is that there’s seemingly no end to what we can do with it. We polish it out, we open it up, and suddenly we have 20 or 30 more horsepower, and it’s even stronger and more reliable. It’s fascinating how capable the structure is."

No car exists as of yet, but a prototype will be shown in virtual reality sometime this year. Hopefully, all cars will be shown in VR in the future.


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