Koenigsegg’s Next Supercar Will Have Insane Horsepower [Rumor]

Koenigseggs are known for their beauty, speed, and power, so it should come as no surprise that the brand is working on something truly remarkable.

You gotta hand it to car builder Christian von Koenigsegg. The man is driven, especially when power is the prime directive. From the time he was a child who was inspired by a film of a bicycle repairman build a car from scratch, he's always wanted to create monster vehicles that can blow the doors of any automobile in an adjacent lane.

Well, the speedy Swede has done it again, capitalizing on what could be the greatest successor to his arsenal of luxury roadsters from the Agera RS to the Regera, according to Driving. His high-tech shop has unveiled what's rumored to be the fastest assembly line car in the world, exceeding the full-throttle of 277.9 miles per hour boasted by the Agera, a Koenigsegg predecessor that's been no stranger to setting records.

There's still a lot of hush about Koenigsegg's latest rollout, including the name. Officially, it hasn't been christened with a hot moniker, although engineers kept referring it to the Ragnarok while it was in production. What's known is that only 125 models will leave the factory, but each will sport a hefty price tag of more than $2 million.



Additional reports cite that purchasers shrugged off the expense of the new car, with half of them already sold. At that rate, the company may not have much problem unloading the rest, especially when it's rumoured that the car's profile will be elevated even more in March when it's slated to be showcased at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland.

That'll leave the rest of us speed-crazy aficionados to simply gawk at pictures of the sleek new wonder that allegedly boasts a revamped twin turbo V8 engine with 1,440 horsepower and a ferocious roar courtesy of the 9,000 rpm generated inside that block. Interestingly, with all that power, the vehicle reportedly weighs only slightly more than 1.3 tons.

Besides speed, the latest Koenigsegg speedster eclipses the Agera's horsepower output of 1,360, and there's speculation that it may also eventually be available as a hybrid. Other questions that need answering include how many of Koenigsegg's patented components, from his rocket catalytic converter to his supercharger response system, will be parts of the new beast.


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