Last Naturally-Aspirated Lambo Might Be Upcoming Aventador SVR

Lamborghini is waving goodbye to their pure naturally-aspirated engines, but before they go, they'll get one hell of a sendoff.

Last Naturally-Aspirated Lambo Might Be Upcoming Aventador SVR

The upcoming Lamborghini Aventador SVR might be the last time we see the Italian supercar maker use a naturally-aspirated 6.5-L V12.

Times are changing over at Lamborghini. Europe has embraced climate change science and taken action, requiring members of the European Union to adopt harsher emissions regulations than anywhere in the world. This will affect every car maker from the biggest volume manufacturers like Volkswagen down to the tiniest of luxury supercar manufacturers like Lamborghini.

The raging bull has been struggling to keep up with the current bout of regulations, but the way Lambo engineers see it, there’s just no way for their marque to meet emissions standards with a big naturally-aspirated engine. Their exploring alternatives such as forced induction and electrification, with the first hybrid Lamborghini introduced at the Frankfurt motor show.

But before the Aventador goes and takes the last naturally-aspirated V12 with it, we’ll reportedly get an appropriate sendoff in the form of a very special, very powerful Aventador called the SVR.

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The news comes from Motor1 courtesy of a forum user over on McLaren Life. According to that user, they say they've already ordered and specced-out the SVR even though it hasn't even been announced yet. They said that 40 will be made and none of them will be road-legal. In keeping with other ultimate track cars, the SVR will be limited to track-day only driving.

Last Naturally-Aspirated Lambo Might Be Upcoming Aventador SVR
via Lamborghini

It'll also be extremely powerful. The 6.5-L V12 has somehow been massaged to create 830 hp, with is over 70 more than the Aventador SVJ and 11 more than the Aventador Sian with its extra electric motor. Although no other details were given, expect the car to have the same advanced active aerodynamics as the SVJ and Huracan Evo.

Deliveries are expected to begin in 2021, although no price was given by the forum user. With everything else about the car shrouded in mystery, a safe assumption would be for a 7-figure price tag.

(via Motor1)

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