Next Lamborghini Aventador Will Have Supercapacitors Instead Of A Battery

Lamborghini's next Aventador won't be carrying a battery.

The Lamborghini Aventador's successor will be a hybrid hypercar with a naturally aspirated V-12 engine and supercapacitors instead of a battery.

Two years ago, the Italian automakers unveiled an electric concept car called the Terzo Millenio which was strapped with supercapacitors for energy storage instead of a battery. It was later reported that another limited-run model, codenamed LB48H, would be built with the same, plus a V-12.

According to Lamborghini chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani, the Aventador's successor will carry just that, while the current model will be the last purely non-hybrid car with a V-12 from the company.

Reggiani stopped short of revealing the successor, however.

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via carscoops.com

"Everybody is trying to figure what will be the successor of the Aventador, but we’re still not announcing when that will be," he said, via Road and Track.

"There’s the possibility to have a kind of final Aventador family member, also because the next car will have hybridization, making the Aventador the last purely [non-hybrid] car from Lamborghini with a V-12. It will still have to be decided what to do next. Are we to jump to the successor [after the SVJ Roadster]? I think at the moment, we don’t foresee another [non-hybrid] version of the Lamborghini V-12.

"We were the first to use a supercapacitor in Aventador for the starter battery, and we are convinced that for a super-sports car, this is one of the most suitable solutions. We need to maintain the emotions generated by the naturally aspirated V-12, and it’s clear that the performance gap needs to be filled with electrification.

"Torque boost can give a much more consistent power delivery, especially at low rpm. It results in much more usable performance, and so I expect our V-12 to remain more or less like it is today, with increased power. I’m convinced that the V-12 still has a long life, even in the era of hybridization."

Supercapacitors certainly look like the way forward for hybrid vehicles and Lamborghini could be the first to put the concept to full use. Such a system would eliminate the need for cars carrying a heavy lithium battery around, which would, in turn, deliver improved speeds.

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