Lamborghini Gives A Glimpse Of What It Would Be Like To Own Their Huracan EVO [Video]

Lamborghini shows potential buyers what it would be like to own the Huracan EVO.

Lamborghini hardly makes car commercials, mainly because they don't have to. People know exactly what they're getting from the world-famous brand.

However, on the odd occasion, the Italian automakers will get something on your screens to send a message about the passion shared by buyers of their products.

Their most recent ad pertains to the Huracan EVO and it appears that the company's intention is to give would-be customers a glimpse of, not just what it would be to drive one of these babies, but the type of lifestyle one who owns such a car would live.


via motor1.com

The video, which can be viewed below, shows a Huracan EVO owner waking up in a rather modern home in Sicily, Italy, then getting into the sporty automobile and attending a business meeting.

He heads to pick up his model wife or girlfriend from work, but she's running a bit late and seems to be in the middle of a shoot. Instead of kicking back and waiting, the driver heads to the winding hills to have some fun with the car and ends up in a race of sorts with another car which looks like a first-gen Huracan.

The other car only shows up for a brief second as the driver puts the EVO in Corsa Mode and speeds out of sight.

A lifestyle we could all get used to, right?

Anyhoo, shifting gears to the car itself, the Huracan EVO is obviously no joke. The car, which dropped earlier this month, is powered by a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that produces up to 631 horsepower and 442-ft of torque. It takes just 2.9 seconds to go from zero to 60 mph and 9 seconds to reach just over 120 mph.

The EVO's top speed is 202 mph and it matches the Performante, another one of their impressive models, on straights and has beaten it in test track corners despite being heavier.

It is also equipped with improved aerodynamics, a fully integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System and the latest connectivity technology, as well as a rear-wheel steering system, four-wheel torque vectoring and refined traction control.


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