Changing A Lamborghini Huracan's Oil Is Complex

Changing A Lamborghini’s Oil Is Complex

The boys from Royalty Exotic Cars are back with another oil change video showing us how hard it is to replace the oil on a Lamborghini Huracan.

A few weeks ago, we got to see first hand the nightmare of changing a Bugatti Veyron’s oil. There were 16 oil drain plugs--SIXTEEN!--and getting access to all of them was a pain in the proverbial rear. Not only that, just getting access to the oil filter required the disassembly of half the car, including the wheel fenders, rear fascia, and rear spoiler.

It took over a day to get the car back in action and cost an estimated $21,000.

By comparison, the Lamborghini Huracan is child's play. It’s still difficult by regular car standards, but you don’t need to take the whole car apart just to get at the oil filter.

This time we get to see a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder get its oil changed in the hands of a true expert: Royalty Exotic Cars fleet manager Jesse Tang.


The first step was replacing the oil filter. Getting access to the Lambo’s engine was a vastly easier process. The back engine panel removes easily and then there’s just an oil cap to remove, however, getting access to it is still a bit tricky. It’s in the middle of the car, so to remove it Jesse used a long ratchet with an elbow. Slightly difficult, but still nothing to complain about, especially for a seasoned expert.

Next comes the oil. Getting access to the oil plugs does require a bit of disassembly as the Huracan has a few protective panels to remove. They’re not hard to access, but it is a tedious process as there are around 50 bolts to carefully keep track of.

While the Veyron had 16 drain plugs, the Huracan has just 8. That’s still way more than the one or two that most road-going cars have, but it still won’t take all day just to change the oil. Some of the plugs are closer together as well, so two or three can be drained at once.

With 9 quarts of the black stuff removed, all that’s left is to put back on the panels and then fill the engine back up with Redline 5W40. Total time was probably an afternoon rather than a full day, but it’s still far from a 30-minute oil change.


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