Lamborghini Builds Over 10,000 Huracans

Lamborghini has built a lot of Huracans. Like, 10, 000. For the Italian supercar manufacturer, that's quite the feat.

Lamborghini Builds Over 10,000 Huracans

Lamborghini reaches a milestone with its 10,000th Huracan.

Ever since replacing the Gallardo back in 2014, the Huracan has amazed car enthusiasts the world over. Sure, it’s mostly an Audi R8 with the same engine, chassis, and various other components, but don’t tell Lamborghini that. Or any Lamborghini owner, for that matter. Lamborghinis are special cars with a lot of pride that can’t take having their bubble’s burst.

But being an R8 isn’t a bad thing, and if Lamborghini’s sales numbers are any indication, actually a great thing. The 10,000th Huracan is being sent to Canada, of all places, with the same paint job (Verde Mantis, in case you were wondering) as the guy who won the 24-hour Daytona race this year.


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He’s getting the Performante model, which is the best one. Huracans come in six flavors, with the Performante Spyder having just been revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It’s not as good as the regular Performante, but that’s because it doesn’t have a roof. Loss of structural rigidity and increased drag from a hanging windshield will do that to you.

Lamborghini delivered 3,815 cars in 2017, with 2,643 being their entry-level Huracan (well, entry-level for Lamborghini anyway). That’s a 12 percent increase from 2016’s production, although with the introduction of the Urus it’s unclear whether production of the Huracan will continue to grow or not.

The Huracan is also getting pretty old and is due for a replacement. One thing is for sure: any Huracan replacement will still have a good old, naturally aspirated V10 engine.

My question is, why do I need to do something different?” asked Lambo chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani to Car and Driver. “If I trust in the naturally aspirated engine, why do I need to downgrade my powertrain to a V8 or V6? I am Lamborghini, I am the top of the pinnacle of the super sports car. I want to stay where I am.”

He did admit that any replacement Huracan will likely have some form of electrification to its V10 engine, same as the replacement Aventador, due to European emissions regulations.

But the important thing is: it’ll still have a V10.


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