Lamborghini Might Actually Be Making That Huracan Rally Concept

In a move we never saw seen coming, Lamborghini has actually made a Huracan Sterrato prototype and might actually send it into production.

Huracan Sterrato

So that Huracan rally concept that Lamborghini showed off earlier this month? It’s not just a bunch of pretty pictures. It’s real, and Lamborghini might actually be making it.

Earlier in June, Lamborghini showed us the Huracan Sterrato Concept, an evolution of the Huracan EVO but meant for rally racing instead of regular racing. It had all the same toys as the EVO, including Lamborghini's traction and stability control module (LDVI), four-wheel steering, and torque vectoring, but it had been lifted 1.85 inches higher thanks to a beefed-up suspension and off-road tires.

It also had other rugged accouterments like a titanium roll cage, reinforced side skirts, stone-deflecting protectors around the engine and air intakes, as well as skid plates in the front and back. Which are most definitely needed given that this car still has the shape of a Huracan, which means it's going to bury its nose the first time it hops off a jump.

Because the Hurcaan’s overall body style was just so inappropriate for any sort of rally racing, we thought that the Sterrato would remain a concept and nothing else--just a neat set of images laying on some hard drive at Lamborghini. Now we’ve found out that Lamborghini has actually built a prototype and is thinking about sending it into production.

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Lamborghini recently invited Automobile Magazine over to test drive the Sterrato where chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani spoke frankly about the car’s future prospects.

via Lamborghini

“Even though the budget is quite tight—it always is at Lamborghini—the provisional business case suggests that we can build this car at a profit. How is this possible, you ask? By manufacturing all restyled or new body panels, claddings, ducts, and splitters on 3D printers,” Reggiani said. “For this purpose, we developed a lightweight synthetic material which is in its final shape bolted or screwed onto the finished body. The idea for this car was born here in Nardo where we have both worlds next to each other. While the Urus is clearly more SUV than sports car, the Sterrato is a Huracan with the abilities of a crossover.”

Reggiani expects production of between 500 to 1,000 Sterratos starting at $270,000 each. VW management still needs to sign off on the project, but if it gets the stamp of approval, we’ll have a rally Huracan in our midst.

We’ll definitely want to see the first rally race that the Sterrato enters.

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