Lamborghini Put A Supercapacitor In Their Sian Hybrid To Improve Speed & Comfort

The Lamborghini Sian has already sold out following its debut last week, having dropped as the Italian manufacturer's first hybrid vehicle.

The carmakers have given the world a preview of what the future will be like as it pertains to hyper-performance vehicles, with the Sian boasting a hybrid-electric V12 engine that produces up to 819 horsepower and allows the car to hit 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds with a 271 mph top speed.

Lamborghini packed the car's transmission with a 48-volt, 34hp hybrid electric motor to supplement the 6.5-liter engine's 785hp. Instead of using the usual lithium-ion battery pack, the manufacturers have built a supercapacitor into the car, per Popsci.com.

These cells don't hold charge like a normal battery but they charge in short bursts and reduce weight. The 75-lb system can absorb energy quickly while the driver brakes and then release it during acceleration. The electric motor also works in low-speed situations like parking or driving in traffic to make things a bit easier.

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via Lamborghini

It also administers torque to smooth acceleration during the shifting of gears to deliver a smoother ride as opposed to the old automated shifting transmission that can make driving a Lamborghini on the road a bit jerky. Such shifts are smoother in track mode but wide-open throttle track mode shifts aren't all that useful as you're probably going to drive on the road if you purchase a Lambo.

That the motor takes over completely at low speeds is also quite convenient when you want to purr along smoothly instead of annoying everyone within earshot with the harsh roar of a V12.

Lamborghini has also indicated that it's looking to fit hybrid tech into its iconic naturally aspirated engines instead of turbocharging them for better performance.

Unfortunately, all 63 units of the Sians have owners and if you aren't one of them, you probably won't get the chance to be until someone decides to sell, which is quite unlikely too.

Given the company's intentions, there's no reason to fret as there will be more hybrid Lambos rolling out in time to come.

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