10 Things To Know Before You Buy A Lamborghini Urus

If you have the income and the desire to buy Lamborghini's new SUV, be sure to read up on what you need to know about the Urus before buying it.

In life, there are particular things that are certain. Many joke that those things include “death and taxes,” however, that’s not the whole list. In fact, one they neglect to mention is the ever-changing market/consumer desire. To fit in with these changes, Lamborghini dug deep and built a vehicle just for the occasion.

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What they came up with was dubbed the Urus: one of Lamborghini’s only sports utility vehicles ever made. After years of concepts and teasing, they finally released the Urus to the joy of thousands of well-off individuals. If you happen to be one of these blessed people (being able to afford one of these beauties), then consider these ten things before making the final decision.

10 You Can Fit Passengers Inside

Although it may be hard to believe for car enthusiast, not everyone cares about the particular vehicle they’re driving. Simply having a comfortable, nice, and (If the budget will allow) luxurious/brand-name car is more than enough for them. Few want something like a sport car, but would jump for a high-end S.U.V.

The Urus is a Lamborghini that can still be expensive, nice, and good looking while not compromising in space. Both the driver and the passengers have plenty of room to adjust and remain relaxed for long and short trips alike. Years ago, this would be unheard of from someone like Lamborghini, yet, it’s happened regardless.

9 Accessibility

For brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari to maintain their rare status, market position, and price, they need to follow economic trends. For example, over-production of a rare vehicle will cause its value and demand to decrease over time. As such, they usually don’t make many models for their cars. However, the Urus has become an exception.

Compared to other Lamborghinis and high-end sports car manufacturers, the Urus is legal in several countries worldwide; limiting import issues. With this, customers can access them from just about anywhere. Along with this, (As mentioned previously) the ease of access for families and multiple occupants help the Urus to be Lamborghini’s most comprehensive cars ever.

8 Its Important Name

Since Lamborghini’s early days, they’ve made a habit out of naming their vehicles after someone, or something, related to their interests. This can be seen as far back as the ‘80s with the Countach and 2013 with the Veneno. Now, the trend continues with the Urus.

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Part of this habit of Lamborghini’s involves being named after animals. Typically, they are ferocious and beloved, however, the Urus takes a different route. The name Urus, according to Lamborghini, is derived from ancient “Auroch(s),” (Now called the Urus) ancient ancestors to today’s modern cow. This doesn’t affect the vehicle’s performance or quality, but is still an interesting fact that showcases the potential behavior of the car.

7 Second Lamborghini SUV

Of all the decades to pass by in more recent time, few were as wild as the 1980s. The ‘80s really did have everything: Crazy modern-ish styling, action movies, technological & societal revolutions, cool cars, and so on. During this time period, Lamborghini were movers and shakers, creating legend after legend.

One of these ‘legends’ to be birthed from the Italian auto-manufacturer was the LM002. The LM002 proved to be a bold choice for Lamborghini, since it was the first SUV to come out of their lineup and wasn’t as popular as intended. Even though the LM002 was not what was fully intended, it was an important lesson that helped the Urus become what it is now. An argument could be made that, without the LM002, the Urus wouldn’t have been built and the utility-vehicle market would’ve never been rocked.

6 Affordability

When you think of “Lamborghini,” a couple of things may immediately pop into your mind. It might be “cool” or “fast,” but it might also be “expensive” and “rich.” You would still be correct in this instant, although, the Urus is much less when compared to its siblings.

Normally, a new Lamborghini (Especially the V12’s) will cost anywhere between half-a-million to several millions depending on the model. Since the Urus is in its own category, though, the Urus can be priced much lower and become accessible to more people. It’s still over $200,000, yet, nothing when contrasted with a usual price of five times more.

5 Not Naturally-Aspirated

As technology improves, companies move towards ‘greener’ avenues of production. The cars get quicker and more start to prefer forced-induction (For M.P.G., costs, speed, etc. reasons). Of all the manufacturers to make the move, Lamborghini has been steadfast in their position against it.

What appears to have broken their promise, however, was their new Urus. Unlike the Aventador, Huracan, Murchielago, etc., the Urus is twin-turbocharged. In all likelihood, the reason was because of power output, gas-mileage, and a litany of other cost/corporate motives. Either way, the introduction of forced-induction is an important step in Lamborghini’s history, and the Urus gets to hold that honor.

4 It’s Incredibly Quick

When the Urus was officially announced to be part of Lamborghini’s lineup, some fans were worried that an SUV would lose its speed. Thankfully, however, the Urus managed to impress thousands.

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Like beforehand, the Urus is a twin-turbocharged Lamborghini. Even though it’s not a classic V12, the Urus can still go just under 200 M.P.H. and achieve a 0 to 60 time of just 3.6 seconds. Not too bad for a beefy Lamborghini.

3 The Beautiful Aesthetics

Love them or hate them, it's very hard to dispute the fact that Lamborghini can make some astounding vehicles. Particularly, in terms of their visuals aesthetics. Regardless of the decade, they've pioneered the industry; including today with the Urus and Sían.

Although the Urus is an SUV and very different from their standard vehicles, none of Lamborghini's designing capabilities were absent in the making of this car. It may be a subjective opinion, however, Lamborghini may have made the nicest/coolest sport utility vehicle ever with its sharp lines and aggressive  disposition.

2 Still A Lamborghini At Heart

As stated beforehand, thousands of Lamborghini fans were worried about the Urus when it was first introduced. Their big concern wasn't with the cost, its off-road ability, or looks, but also its soul; Would it still be a Lamborghini at heart?

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Luckily for us, the answer would be yes. Even though it isn't a low-profile, sharp, V12 sports car, Lamborghini have still been able to harness the spirit and joy of those vehicles into the Urus. Yes, you may ride a bit higher and weigh  a bit more, but you'll never be confused as to who made the car or what it's worth. The Urus is unmistakably Lamborghini.

1 Luxury With Performance

It's already been mentioned that the Urus is still a competent sports vehicle, regardless of its larger profile and utility focus. What's also important, though, is whether or not the Urus can still be a luxurious and comfortable vehicle for daily drives, road trips, and so on.

Lamborghini knew that this would be a concern for consumers. After all, they weren't buying one for track days. So, with this in mind, they made a Lamborghini that can not only fit more than two people, but do it comfortably and in style. Then again, if you're spending hundreds of thousands on a single car, you'd probably expect it to have at least 'some' luxury.

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