Lamborghini In Holding Pattern After Successful Launch Of Urus SUV

Lamborghini is taking a step back after the successful launch of the Urus SUV to see what it means for the brand moving forward.

Lamborghini In Holding Pattern After Successful Launch Of Urus SUV

Lamborghini is in a holding pattern after the successful launch of the Urus SUV.

There’s no denying that the Urus was a huge success for Lamborghini. The performance SUV single-handedly increased Lamborghini’s sales by over 50% in 2018, and it’s expected to get the Italian performance carmaker over 8,000 units sold by the end of 2019 and account for nearly two-thirds of all sales.

It’s also been a big change from the way Lamborghini does business. Previously, Lamborghini was all about boutique supercars sold for many thousands (and sometimes, millions) of dollars to very rich people. Now they’re almost a volume manufacturer, and that’s got Lamborghini’s top brass a little shook.

In an interview with Motor1 at the New York Auto Show, Chief Commercial Officer Federico Foschini said that Lamborghini is going to sit back and assess the situation for now rather than make any big splashes.

“The next two years I see that Lamborghini should stabilize itself with a three-model lineup,” he said. “We need some years to stabilize...this does not mean that we are not launching anything else, it means that we are staying with three models.”


We’ve heard that the aging Aventador is due for replacement, so we expect that to still happen within the next two to three years, and there may yet be a higher-performance Urus in the cards (as though an SUV that can accelerate faster than a base-model Corvette isn’t performance enough).

Lamborghini In Holding Pattern After Successful Launch Of Urus SUV
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Foschini also didn’t rule out a fourth model to join Lamborghini’s lineup. But the big deal, for now, is stabilizing the brand.

Stabilizing, in this case, means waiting and seeing what the Urus does to Lamborghini’s market. Over 70% of Urus buyers are first-time Lamborghini owners who use them as their daily vehicle. That’s a big change from occasional-use supercars that are mostly there to look pretty.

It also means a bit of soul-searching for Lamborghini. Selling one SUV for the cash is one thing, but what if the fourth model is another SUV? What if Lamborghini becomes the SUV company? How far does Lamborghini want to stray from its roots, and how much money would it cost for them to do it?


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