Lamborghini Urus Plug-In Hybrid Is On The Way

Lamborghini Urus Plug-In Hybrid Is On The Way

A plug-in version of the Lamborghini Urus is on the way, according to a company executive.

The Lamborghini Urus is already a big success for the company. The fastest SUV on Earth is selling just as well as most other SUVs in North America right now, and people are loving the added practicality of the SUV platform when combined with the lunatic power of a Lamborghini.

And the Urus is set to get even more practical with an upcoming hybrid version.

In a recent interview with Drive Australia, Lamborghini Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani revealed that the Urus is going to be more than just an electric model itself: it’s going to provide Lamborghini with the money to electrify its entire lineup.

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Increasingly strict European emissions regulations mean that the eventual replacement to the Huracan and Aventador supercars will have to adopt some form of electrification to keep their emissions down. Lamborghini, as like many supercar makers, hasn’t spent much consideration for hybrid or electric powertrains, and the profit from a strong-selling Urus is expected to provide them with the cash to invest in research for electric drivetrains.


“This is our wish, our target, and our goal,” said Reggiani. “To increase the foundations of the brand and, due to that, increase the revenue that will ensure the stability of our super sports car in the future,”

The Urus is expected to double the total output of vehicles Lamborghini makes in a year to 4,000 cars, and the profits will be used to develop new technologies. Even though Lamborghini is under the larger Volkswagen umbrella, they can’t just use existing electric powertrains on their supercars. None of them have the performance that Lamborghini requires.

“If we look at the future of the Super Sports Car with hybridization we need immediately to face the problem of packaging and weight and it is clear we cannot take something from an existing car and put it in these models,” Reggiani admitted.

“For this reason, we need money to invest and fulfill expectations.”

But just as the Huracan and Aventador replacements will need to be hybrids too keep in line with regulations, so too will new versions of the Urus. A new hybrid model will adopt the powertrain of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, which has a 4.0-L twin-turbo V8 combined with an electric motor. Total power output is expected to be north of 730 hp.

Expect the hybrid Urus to be around sometime within the next year.


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