5 Reasons We Want A Lamborghini Urus (& 5 Reasons We Don't)

The Lamborghini Urus is an impressive luxury SUV, and there are plenty of reasons to want one, but there are a few downsides.

Lamborghini, just like other supercar creators, has jumped on the bandwagon to create luxury SUVs. They have named theirs the Lamborghini Urus, after a type of extinct breed of cattle. Followers of this brand have certain expectations for their vehicles, but with this SUV they weren't able to live up to their name in every sense of the word.

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We have compiled this list to lay out the positives and negatives of this particular vehicle. It might shift your opinion, or leave you wondering why you ever wanted an SUV in the first place. Keep reading to learn the reasons why we do and don't want the Lamborghini Urus!

10 DO: Its High Tech

It comes at no surprise that this vehicle is high tech. It has been fitted with three different screens, one of which can interpret your handwriting. The bottom screen is for climate control, while the top screen is for all of the apps you feel you need to aid you in your journey.

They have made it possible for both Android and Apple products to connect and it even comes with a GPS mapping system. They have paired with google maps to make this possible and it can be converted into a satellite image to make it easier to find your destination.

9 DON'T: Too Expensive

It is a Lamborgini, so a large price tag is expected, but even for this vehicle $200,000 seems to be a bit much. It might be cheaper than Ferrari's SUV, but it is still about $100,000 over the price of a normal luxury SUV.

You could save yourself $120,000 by purchasing a 2019 Land Rover, and other luxury models can save you even more. You have to ask yourself if it's worth it to buy a simple SUV for this amount of money, or if something else might serve your needs better.

8 DO: True Luxury Interior

When you purchase this vehicle, you are given options based on your preference and what you are willing to spend. Customers can choose between premium leather and Alcantara suede for their seats, but the decisions don't stop there. They also get to choose the interior's finish, which could be wood, aluminum, or carbon.

No matter what combination is chosen the inside of this vehicle will be to die for, and you won't ever find it to be uncomfortable. Your friends will envy the unique style and dream that they too could own a Lamborghini of their own.

7 DON'T: It Can't Compete Off-Road

Lamborghini has been trying to market their car as an off-roading vehicle, but the truth is it just can't match the power of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

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They are both capable of handling the roughest patches of Earth, but it has been recommended that Lamborghini owners have some upgrades performed if they plan to use it for this purpose. It might seem like a grand idea, but the moment your tires leave the track you will see just how big a mistake you have made in your purchase.

6 DO: Optional 3D Sound System

You can take listening to music to the next level by choosing the option that installs as 3D sound system in your vehicle. The beats will be epic as it adds a new dimension to your listening experience.

The speakers are strategically placed around the vehicle to offer you the best tunes you have ever heard and it even adjusts to make up for internal and external noises that could be disruptive to your drive. You will never be able to listen to music any other way ever again as this gives the greatest experience of your entire life.

5 DON'T: The Look is Subpar

A Lamborghini is supposed to stand out from the crowd and make a statement, but the design of their SUV just doesn't do that for us. It has some signature design elements in the curves and sharp angles, but overall we are just not that impressed.

We felt they could have done more to make it as eccentric as its engine, but they failed to think that far outside of the box. We understand they wanted something marketable, but it was a letdown for fans of the brand everywhere.

4 DO: Driver Assistance Features

This car wants to put you in control of your ride, but it also strives to keep you safe at the same time. They have three different ADAS packages for customers to choose from, otherwise known as their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. A few of the additional features you can add on are a top view camera, heads up display, night vision, and virtual assistants.

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It is not autonomous, but it is as close to self-driving as you can get without it being labeled as such. These features help keep you as a driver safe on the road and avoid accidents that could be detrimental to your health and well-being.

3 DON'T: It Lacks Horsepower

This is where we bring up the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk yet again because it actually has less horsepower than this vehicle. The Urus comes in at 641-horsepower, while the Trackhawk gives its drivers just over 700-horsepower.

We would expect the Lamborghini to blow any of its simpleton competitors out of the water, but it is obvious this is just not the case. It is kind of a letdown that this other vehicle, valued at $87,150 is capable of more than the super expensive and utterly luxurious Lamborghini, which makes us question why we would ever buy one in the first place.

2 DO: But it Made Up for it with Extra Torque

The Lamborghini did make up for its lack of horsepower with added torque, so we guess all is forgiven in that sense. It can tow up to 7,000 pounds and provides 627 lb-ft of torque. This is astounding and makes for an amazing road experience, which is what all Lamborghinis are best at anyways.

You might not shred the mountainsides, but a day at the track will blow everyone out of the water. You can go from zero to sixty in just over three seconds and it is something you wouldn't trade for anything else in the world.

1 DON'T: The Road Setting is Very Un-Lambo-Like

This might be a Lamborghini, but the road setting makes it feel like every other average SUV on the market. This is their first non-military SUV, but we think they could have done a better job of making the ride in the city more enjoyable.

You do have the option of customizing your own settings, but when the growl of your engine can't be heard out of sport mode, you wonder why options ever existed in the first place. Customers may have expected to be wowed during every journey, but they might not get what they asked for without a bit of meddling with the controls.

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