Lamborghini Urus Now Sells More Than Huracan And Aventador Combined

Lamborghini's sales continue to climb thanks to the unmitigated success of the Urus SUV.

Lamborghini Urus Now Sells More Than Huracan And Aventador Combined

The Urus is now Lamborghini’s best-selling vehicle, selling more units than both the Huracan and Aventador combined.

Back when the Urus first arrived in 2018, Lamborghini had no idea how well their first SUV would be received. It seemed to break every rule Lamborghini had: it had a forced-induction engine, it was big, tall, heavy, and had enough usable space to let the driver carry either golf clubs or groceries in quantities that actually mattered.

That said, the Urus surprised both Lamborghini and the world. Everyone who could afford one wanted one. Not only that, it’s widely considered to be the fastest performance SUV on the market, beating out such icons as the Jeep Trackhawk and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio.

In its first year of sales, the Urus accounted for almost half of all Lamborghini units sold without even having been around for a full year. Now in its full year, the Urus represents almost 60% of all Lamborghinis delivered today.

For the second quarter of 2019, Lamborghini moved 4,553 units, which is a 96% increase from the same time last year and is more than Lamborghini sold in all of 2017. The bulk of those--about 59%--were the Urus, with total deliveries of 2,693 for 2019 so far.

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Next up was the Huracan, which moved 1,211 units, including the outgoing Performante model and the newly released Huracan EVO. The venerable Aventador had 649 deliveries for the first half of 2019, boosted by the incredible SVJ variant.

Lamborghini Urus Now Sells More Than Huracan And Aventador Combined
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Lamborghini’s biggest markets continue to be America, China, Britain, Japan, and Germany, with the US seeing the strongest growth. The American market grew 128% to 1,543 units, while Asia Pacific more than doubled to 1,184 units. Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) grew 67% to 1,826 units. Most of this growth can be attributed to Urus sales.

To continue marketing and developing the Urus, Lamborghini just completed an investment in a new paint shop at their headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese. We expect to see special editions of the Urus for years to come and even a replacement in the next decade.

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