10 Lamborghinis (And 10 Ferraris) Everyone Forgets Existed

Lamborghini and Ferrari are known for making incredible cars, but not all their creations are so memorable.

“This visionary concept physically imagines design and technology of tomorrow through a possible future Lamborghini electric super sports car, which aims to deliver the most emotional and ultimate driving experience. To plan its path, Automobili Lamborghini defines the requirements of the third millennium in terms of energy storage and innovative materials, aiming to lead them to a radical innovation in collaboration with two laboratories of the MIT”.

According to Lamborghini.com this is the direction the car company plans on taking heading into the future. However long before this new mind-set took shape Lamborghini created more than a couple of forgotten about vehicles, some that had a similar plan in mind long before this declaration. In this article we feature some of the most bizarre concept ideas that might have flown under the radar. We’ll also look at wacky production models that barely managed to stay alive. We discuss both past and present models that might be forgotten.

In addition, we feature the same with Ferrari. The car company has a similar formula for the future. However what if we told you that a certain SUV type plans to launch in 2019? According to Ferrari the company has the intent of making it the fastest SUV ever. We’ll take a look at other forgotten about models both past and present. We also look at concept models that never made it out of the Italian laboratory. For some that’s disappointing but for lots of others it’s for the best!

Without further delay here are 10 Lamborghini and 10 Ferrari rides everyone forgets exist. Let’s begin!

20 Terzo Millennio

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“The Terzo is basically a rolling technical test bed designed to challenge current EV thinking and jump-start a more radical approach.” According to Top Gear’s Charlie Turner this is the goal for the third millennium Lambo set to be released in a galaxy far, far away. Okay, we’re only kidding, this is a model designed and set to be released in the future. This stunning ride might have flown under your radar. Don’t feel too bad as it was recently unveiled a year ago.

19 Ferrari Tensostruttura

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Speaking of concept designs here’s another one that seems to be forgotten about, the Ferrari Tensostruttura. Some might be critical of the design however was also flew under the radar is that this design paved the way for the stunning LaFerrari model.

According to Motor1, the LaFerrari came to be because of the advanced developments of the Tensostruttura concept design.

For that reason this vehicle deserves a lot more recognition than it gets. Maybe one day Ferrari might consider reviving the model and paying homage. For now it remains a forgotten Ferrari most don’t even know exists.

18 Zagato Raptor

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Zagato and Lamborghini have a history of working together and collaborating on a ride. The Zagato Raptor or Lamborghini Raptor is an example of the partnership – although this ride tends to be forgotten about due to the fact that it never made production. Unveiled at the 1996 Geneva Auto Show the car was deemed as extremely innovative and one that was more than likely ready for production. Surprisingly it wasn’t meant to be for the ride despite car pundits believing it could have been an excellent successor to the Diablo. The idea was ultimately scrapped and the prototype was sold to a private collector. What a shame.

17 Ferrari 360 Barchetta

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A one-off Ferrari that drew inspiration from the 360 Spider - despite being a forgotten about model the ride has a sleek look and one Ferrari lovers would still get on board with to this day. Hey maybe they revive the model and create a contemporary version?

The 360 line might have created this forgettable ride, however it also produced lots of Ferrari models including the Modena.

That car was mass-produced by the company, creating a near 9,000 units. Ferrari ended the model production in 2005, it lasted only six years. The 360 line remains among the more forgotten Ferrari production lines of the 2000s.

16 Lamborghini Egoista

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“Conceived by VW Group design chief Walter De Silva, the Egoista “represents hedonism taken to the extreme.”Vijay Pattni of Top Gear discusses the ride among the wackiest Lamborghini concept cars of all-time. Even without discussing the intent of the car it raises lots of eyebrows. However due to such a design and that fact that it’s a concept car, enthusiasts tend to overlook it thinking the design is completely fake. But oh no, it is very much real. It was unveiled during Lambo’s 50th anniversary. The engine has so much grit with 600 horsepower. The interior resembles a jet with a one-seat type of cockpit. For those wondering the inspiration for the design was meant to create a futuristic bull ready to charge... no joke.

15 Ferrari Daytona

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Talk about forgotten, this Ferrari Daytona was found completely abandoned. According to CNN the car ended up selling for two million due to the fact that most had forgot it still existed; “For the last 40 years, this one-off was nowhere to be found. That's because it was gathering dust in a Japanese barn after being shipped out of Italy in 1971.The sale was not only notable for the bids it attracted but because, until recently, many thought the car didn't even exist. Ferrari had, in fact, only ever commissioned one street version of its Daytona with a full aluminum body.” The car sold for $2 million while being unrestored and featuring 22,000 miles. Not bad for a car nobody knew existed.

14 Lamborghini LM002

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Can it be? A Lamborghini truck? Back in the mid-80s Lamborghini came out with the concept, it was later produced with over 300 units being sold. Among the notable faces to have purchased the rare SUV type includes legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

Given the rareness of the LM002, it maintains a very high value these days.

According to Auto Trader the ride has a value of over $400,000 these days. Although it is typically viewed as the first of its kind made by Lambo it really isn’t. Prototypes before the LM002 include two other forgotten models, the Cheetah and LM001.

13 Ferrari SUV

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According to Auto Express Ferrari's targeting 2019 for the launch of the Ferrari SUV. This has been discussed for quite some time. Although on a number of occasions Ferrari themselves admitted that going into SUV territory would stray away from their true identity. However, perhaps a medium has been found with the Italian car company looking to make the SUV the fastest ever created – this according to Top Speed; “We got confirmation — yet again — from FCA boss Sergio Marchionne, only this time, Marchionne confirmed that the SUV is arriving by 2019 and that it’s going to be the fastest of its kind in the world.”

12 Lamborghini Jarama

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Perhaps Lamborghini doesn’t mind all that much if car enthusiasts forget the Jarama exists. The likes of Auto Trader call it the weirdest looking Lamborghini and that’s not in a good way. Doug DeMuro of Auto Trader completely buries the car in his assessment; “The Jarama was Lamborghini's last "grand tourer." When it died in 1976, Lamborghini never made another 2+2 vehicle -- perhaps because they were afraid of creating another vehicle as strange-looking as the Jarama.” With a total of 328 units sold in a span of six years it might be for the best that everyone forgets this dud ride exists.

11 Ferrari 208 GT4

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A mid-engine Ferrari, this one tends to be forgotten about as only 840 models ever made it passed production.

According to Red Bull the car was made in order to avoid tax penalties!

They State “Originally built to dodge the hefty taxes Italy imposed on vehicles with an engine size of more than two litres, the 208 GT4 is essentially a low-displacement version of the wedge-like 308 GT4.” Despite the rareness of the ride it is among the cheaper vintage Ferrari types. It typically goes for under $45,000 at collector auctions.

10 Lamborghini Veneno

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A rare Lamborghini, one would anticipate that it has quite the worth. However according to The Drive it might have a greater value than anticipated. Its worth has doubled since its release. The car is said to have a value of $9.5 million. The car was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2013. Although it is something on the outside, the inside might be the true hero with a blazing 739 bhp along with a top speed of 220 mph. Don’t feel too bad if this remarkable ride didn’t catch on, only three were created. At just under $10 million you can be hitting o-100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds!

9 Ferrari GG50

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Introduced at the 2005 Tokoyo Motor Show this sleek Ferrari concept might be mistaken for the 612 Scaglietti. After all, the car drew motivation from the ride in both interior and exterior components. The car has a worth of $3 million according to Top Car Rating. A lot of that might have to do with the rareness of the ride matched with the fact that several automotive lovers forget that this car even exists. It never made it to production and it became one of the many “what if” type of Ferrari concept rides. Who wouldn’t want to test out that 540 horsepower – the car isn’t short on power however it was in is in terms of actual recognition.

8 Lamborghini Marzal

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“It's impossible to not love the one-off Lamborghini Marzal, but the Gandini-designed Bertone masterpiece has been largely seen only in the feverish dreams of vintage car enthusiasts since its 1967 debut." Raphael Orlove of Jalopnik sums up this car perfectly in the quote above.

It was a fun and futuristic attempt.

It is also one that could have potentially sold had it been presented to the market. Instead sadly it became a forgotten about model. However despite the low profile it still makes quite the impact at auctions. Just a couple of years back the ride sold for $2 million in Italy. A well-deserved price tag for an underrated gem.

7 Ferrari Mythos

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We turn back the clock to the late 1980s for this eye-popping concept ride. Ultimately Ferrari created only three types of this mid-engine concept. The Ferrari Testarossa played a big hand in shaping the concept design, depending on your feelings towards the Testarossa it is unclear is that’s a good or bad thing. Like other concept types the Mythos wasn’t a complete waste. Instead it helped to shape the way for the Ferrari F40 and later, the F50. It is unknown exactly how fast the ride was or whether or not it actually works. However figures indicate that it had to capabilities of hitting 180 mph.

6 Lamborghini Silhouette

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It was an upgrade to the Urraco and collector numbers are indicative of that as according to Hagerty the car has a decent worth these days of $106,000. However back in the day its capabilities came off as kind of cheapish. It has a sprint speed of 6.5 seconds in a 0 to 100 km/h – not ground breaking stuff by any stretch. Ultimately only a small number were produced in the mid to late 70s. Production lasted three years with a mere 54 getting made. It is said that only 30 units still exist to this day.

5 Ferrari GTC4Lusso

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Auto Trader’s Doug DeMuro references this new Ferrari model as one of the hottest hatchback types ever seen; “If you're like most car enthusiasts, you probably think the ultimate hot hatchback is the Ford Focus RS, with its 350 horsepower and sub-$40,000 price tag. Well, you're wrong: Ferrari makes the ultimate hot hatchback. It's called the GTC4Lusso, it has 680 hp, and it costs $350,000.”

Okay granted, the price tag might be a tad different to the Ford Focus RS however take nothing away from this spectacular Ferrari ride that seems to be flying under the radar.

Perhaps for its unconventional look compared to its classic sleek sports car design. A V-12 along with all-wheel drivetrain and the capabilities of hitting 0-100 km/h in just above 3 seconds, its time this hatchback gets taken seriously.

4 Countach Evoluzione

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The Countach tends to have a similar legacy to the Testarossa. It’s polarizing in the sense that some absolutely adore it while others label it as a lemon and nowhere near the current quality. If you didn’t like the Countach design chances are you also despise the Evoluzione. In truth it just looks like a futuristic version of the car and one that came out of a RoboCop flick. Ultimately production on the ride came to an end as according to Lambocars.com costs for the ride were just way too expensive. Most would agree it was best that production ended at that point.

3 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2

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It might be a forgotten about model however there still is interest. According to Hemmings collector versions of the car sell for upwards of $200,000. The 330 line went away from the classic Ferrari look. For that reason these car tend to be forgotten about. Among the rides from the 330 include the American, GTV/GTS, LMB and P. One of the other forgotten models, the GT 2+2 replaced the America. Production was limited to just a little more than 1,000 units being sold. Between 1964 and 1967 the model produced 1,099 versions. The 330 line is another one of those Ferrari types most wouldn’t even recognize without the prancing horse logo.

2 Sesto Elemento

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Ultimately Lamborghini decided on the production of only 30 Sesto Elemento rides. Given the look and rarity of the rides they didn’t come cheap with a value of just under $3 million upon its release back in 2011. Ultimately all 30 cars sold and that was especially surprising given that the vehicles aren’t even road legal. It didn’t seem to stop collectors and we don’t blame them.

With the heavy use of carbon fiber, the ride is insanely light.

For that reason it has remarkable speed capabilities such as 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds if you can believe. So in other words it’s a jet on the ground.

1 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Concept

via motor1.com

It was only fitting to end the article off with a forgotten creation dedicated to the great Pininfarina. According to Motor 1 this car has a value of $5 million. A price tag worthy given the advances on both the inside and out. Sadly it remains a concept car with only six units created. Ferrari was also hands-on with ownership process selecting the six customers themselves. Admirers of the vehicle are hoping for a re-launch with a similar design set for the future. However nothing resembling this gem has been spoken about in the recent years. Ultimately it’s a Ferrari concept car that deserves a lot more recognition.

Sources: Jalopnik.com, MotorTrend.com, CarAndDriver.com

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