Lanzante Puts 1,000-HP Formula 1 Engines Into Classic Porsche 911s

Some crazy gearheads want to put insanely powerful engines into absolute classic Porsches.

Who is responsible for making this project? According to CarBuzz, it’s the famous guys at Lanzante. They have been known for converting McLaren F1 and P1 GTRs into road legal cars. They have also worked with Porsche 911s in the GT Championships. That being said, they definitely know what they’re doing since they have worked with both Porsche and McLaren. Lanzante announced that they were given special permission from McLaren themselves to build the project and that they were making an extra 11 of these project cars. Each car will be getting a plaque with the history of the engine and its respective drivers listed. The announcement was made in the Rennsport reunion VI.

What can be expected of this project is that it will be absolutely insane. Even though the engines will most likely be detuned for safety and reliability, it’s still no less a Formula 1 engine. No word from Lanzante yet to how much power the engine will be making and as to how much the vehicles will be priced at but a project this special will surely be expensive.


Porsche and McLaren have worked with each other in the past. In the 1980s, the German automaker was an engine supplier in Formula 1 and McLaren was one of the teams they supplied race-winning engines for. These were put into the cars of well-known drivers like Alain Prost and Niki Lauda. But before they were put into the Formula 1 cars, they were first tested on a Porsche 930 which was the epitome of what a sleeper is since its body was predominantly stock. The car is currently stored in a Porsche museum.

Now, the Porsche 930 in itself isn’t exactly a slow car, while the McLaren engine, on the other hand, is obviously not slow as well. It’s an insane engine that puts out 1,000 HP from its 1.5-liter turbocharged V6. Put that together with an incredible chassis, and you get this absolutely mad project.


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