Latest Rumors For Upcoming Porsche 911 GT3

Latest Rumors For Upcoming Porsche 911GT3

It’s the end of an era for the Porsche 911 GT3.

According to MOTOR magazine, the latest version of the of Porsche’s storied 911 GT3 will no longer have its trademark naturally aspirated engine. Instead, that engine will be replaced by a similar inline six-cylinder, but with a forced induction system tacked on.

That’s right: the GT3 is finally getting a turbo.

Porsche’s 911 GT3 was one of the few remaining stalwart holdouts in the era of increasing fuel economy, always coveting its naturally aspirated engine to maintain a smooth power transition between each of its many RPMs. However, as technology improved and world governments demanded better fuel economy and fewer CO2 emissions, forced induction systems migrated from performance vehicles looking for extra top speed to family sedans seeking to eek out just one more mile on that drab of gasoline.

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For the longest time, the GT3 ignored the call of other supercars to finally give in, to be reasonable, to adopt even the tiniest of turbochargers, but Porsche stood firm in their belief that an engine must remain pure and unsullied by a turbocharger. Now it seems that Porsche has finally given in to a changing world, and will slap a turbo on their flagship sports car.


The regular 4.0L flat six on 991.2 GT3 produces around 500 hp, so we’re expecting the new “992” model GT3 to have somewhere around 550 hp, give or take a horse or two. It’ll likely retain the Eight-speed PDK transmission, and try to make up for the added weight of the turbo by using high-strength, lightweight materials.

There will also be a greater emphasis on active aerodynamic systems to again improve on fuel economy, so we may be in store for a GT3 with a raising rear wing and wiggling front spoilers.

In keeping with GT3 tradition, MOTOR said to expect 0 to 60 times around three seconds, and a top speed of around 205 mph (or 330 kph).

Along with the new GT3, Porsche is set to release its first 911 hybrid using the same twin-turbo flat six of the Carrera but mated to an electric motor and battery. Expect to see both of those cars later in 2018 when you’d expect the 2019 models to start strutting about.


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