Check Out The Launch Edition H1: The Rebuilt Hummer

The Launch Edition H1 is the rebuilt Hummer that G-Class owners wish they could afford.

If you’re into off-road luxury vehicles, you have few American options. You can get a Jeep Trailhawk, although that’s more about performance than real luxury, or you can go across the pond and pick up a Mercedes G-Class or a Range Rover. Both are certainly luxurious and both definitely have proven their off-road chops.

But if those international car tariffs suddenly go through, then you might be looking at tens of thousands more spent on your quest for a comfy off-roader. If only there was a truly American off-road luxury SUV.

Well, worry no more. Mil-Spec Automotive has you covered in the most American car since the Ford Model T.

They call it the Launch Edition H1. As you may have already guessed just by looking at it, it’s a Hummer. But it has no association to the god-awful creations from General Motors that were sold as civilian versions of the military vehicle. This is the real deal, lovingly converted and re-made in Wichita Kansas into the luxury military SUV that every former general wished they could own.

Mil-Spec starts with an old-school H1, takes it apart to its component pieces, and remakes the car with all-new parts and a fresh coat of powder. Then, a new engine is installed: a Duramax 6.6-liter turbo-diesel V8 capable of outputting 500 hp and 1,000 lb-ft. It’ll need that power since the final product weighs close to 7,500 lbs.


Zero to sixty is accomplished in a fast but reserved 6.8 seconds, with top speed electronically limited to 105 mph.

On the inside, the luxury truly stands out with a fully aluminum interior accented with leather furnishings. The vast space that would normally transport a squad of fully armed soldiers still feels vast even as it’s filled with modern luxuries like a JL audio system, LED lighting, backup cameras, and USB charging ports in both the front and rear passenger compartments.

The Launch Edition comes in five configurations: four-door hardtop pickup, slantback, wagon, SUV (which is a slightly higher-roofed wagon), or as a two-door hardtop extended bed pickup.

For the privilege of owning this rebuilt military-spec SUV, you’ll need $218,499 burning a hole in your pocket. And that price does not include the cost of finding an H1 for Mil-Spec to take apart and rebuild for you.


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