The 10 Least Expensive Lexus Models, Ranked

Buying a Lexus can be a big decision, considering some of the prices. However, there are a few models that are not really as expensive as you'd think!

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Lexus has a reputation; it expertly offers authentic craftsmanship combined with embroidered premium styling throughout its designs. Lexus is a luxury division of Japanese car manufacturer Toyota offering significantly superior character and quality vehicles. While its reputation for luxury automobiles was exclusively born out of full-size luxury vehicles like the Lexus LS, and thanks to original versions such as the Original Lexus RX, the company has spread its wings to new heights.

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Lexus has it all when it comes to luxury vehicles, from affordable models like the LS sedan and the UX crossover to premium sports cars such as the LFA, not to forget the LC that is perhaps one of the best coupes ever produced. Here are the least expensive Lexus models, Ranked!

10 2020 Lexus GX $53,530

The 2020 Lexus GX is a true definition of merging luxury and a steady chassis; its comparable to a hiker wearing a tuxedo, which is typical of Lexus luxury. The 2020 GX comes in a traditional style SUV body, with a gas-hungry V8 engine in a time where sub-compact crossover SUVs are taking all the fame. The GX comes with a 4.6L V8 paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission making about 301hp.

For its off-road street cred, it comes with an all-wheel-drive system with a locking center differential. Apart from premium quality plush seats, prospective owners will get an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, dual climate control, automated emergency braking, luxury trims, and many more.

9 Lexus GS $47,505

The Lexus GS comes with a certain characteristic, one that hopes you will consider its sports sedan aspect that is worth the chance compared to its Bavarian rivals. It gets top points for its calm nature, peppy engine, and no-frills attitude. The GS will stay composed even in the toughest of conditions.

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It comes with an optional all-wheel-drive system and a comfortable interior. It falls short due to its outdated infotainment system. If this version feels subtle, there’s an F Sport model with a sports spec suspension, but for that, you’ll have to part with double the price.

8 2020 Lexus RC $42,500

The 2020 Lexus RC has a deceptive characteristic, its sharp edges and exiting contours could easily fool you that it’s a high spec supercar. Even with variable powertrain combinations, it's hard to give the RC a definitive personality—just like most of its competitors.

But still, the Lexus RC offers a premium ride quality, with a roomy cabin that makes it more or a grand tourer than a road hog. The 2020 Lexus RC comes with a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission making 241hp.

7 2020 Lexus LS $39,585

The 2020 Lexus LS gets a lot of its points compared to its closest rivals due to its updated sleek styling and sports-looking demeanor. However, it doesn’t live to all the promises it makes by just looking at its gorgeous exterior. It compensates its negatives with perfect handling and refined ride experience. Its interior is quite the opposite of what you would expect by its sports-oriented exterior; it is more driver-focused, with an array of admirable features and materials.

It falls short with a subpar infotainment system and not so roomy rear seats. The Lexus LS has several options, a 4-cylinder turbocharged, two V6 variants, with either a six or 8-speed automatic transmission.

6 2019 Lexus RX $45,175

For its production year, the 2019 Lexus RX was one of the best-selling compact luxury crossovers in America. Its undeniably flashy exterior and unrivaled comfort made it a priority for potential buyers looking for luxury crossovers. It is more popular compared to Alfa Romeo or BMW due to its softly sprung suspension, comfy interior, and redefined ride experience. If you are fuel-conscious but love luxury, the 2019 RX fits your bill since it offers an optional hybrid powertrain.

Prospective owners have two options to choose from, the RX350 that comes with a 3.5L V6 making 295hp or the RX450h that comes with a V6 paired with two electric motors producing 308hp.

5 2019 Lexus ES $40,775

The 2019 Lexus ES is a stunning car both inside and out. If you are looking to get a peaceful, worry-free vehicle to cruise down the highways, the ES is your ultimate choice. It shares a similar platform with its cousin, the new Toyota Avalon.

The 2019 ES comes in several variations, most come with a 3.5L V6 engine making 302hp while the optional hybrid version comes with a 4-cylinder hybrid making 215hp. The ES offers an authentic ride, quiet cabin even on high speeds, as well a stunning well-cushioned interior.

4 Lexus HS $37,905

The Lexus HS is perhaps the first hybrid-only luxury vehicle. It’s a compact 5-seater that uses the same powertrain you’d find on a Toyota Camry hybrid. It comes with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine paired to a Toyota Prius style transmission system.

The Lexus HS might be opulent, but it’s not particularly an exciting car to drive since it offers no thrills at all. The Lexus HS is a vehicle for a Lexus lover, looking to get a Prius version of his trusted brand. Other than that, the HS is like a high-quality knock-off Prius.

3 2019 Lexus NX $37,510

It's 2019, and small luxury SUVs are now a thing, and the Lexus NX is a successful opportunistic choice to enjoy that wave, especially for a buyer looking for comfort and style. In pure Lexus style, the 2019 NX comes with a cozy cabin and a ton of high-end features.

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Its stylish premium design is the right direction for the NX with its wild exterior. The 2019 Lexus NX comes with a 2L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 235hp paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Prospective owners can choose between an all-wheel or front-wheel variant.

2 2019 Lexus UX $33,175

If you are looking for an affordable tiny luxury SUV with a lean metal bodywork slapped with a Lexus badge, the 2019 Lexus UX is your ideal choice. Apart from its polarizing design, the subcompact luxury SUV is convincingly upmarket on the inside with top of the range standard features that match top competitors like the Audi Q3 and the Mercedes GLA-class.

The 2019 Lexus UX comes in two variations; a petrol-powered or hybrid option, both using a CVT. The hybrid variant comes with an all-wheel-drive system, while the regular variant UX200 has a front-wheel-drive system. The latter comes with a 2L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine making 169hp, while the hybrid version makes 181hp.

1 Lexus CT $32,245

If you are strict on efficiency, and you won’t take the low route to a Toyota Prius, then the Lexus CT200h might be your ideal choice. It uses the same hybrid tech as the Toyota Prius and offers amazing fuel economy of about 36 mpg.

Compared to the Prius is has a significantly better styled and luxurious interior. The CT200h is not the kind of car you buy for power, even though it generates 134hp. For a much throttle happy variant, the F Sport version makes a better pick.

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