Lewis Hamilton's Crazy Car And Motorcycle Collection

Here we will delve into Lewis Hamilton's extensive and impressive motorcycle and car collection.

Sometimes when you have a lot of money, it is impossible to know what you are going to do with it, or how you are going to spend it. Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 champion, is not short on ideas on how he can spend the money earned from his hard-won championships and the money he’s received from endorsements. It is of no surprise that the reigning auto champion would spend his money on motorbikes and cars. But at least he’s spending it on something useful, and a lot of athletes in the past actually spend their cash to build a car collection.

Lewis Hamilton’s garage is actually competing right no with the likes of athletes like Floyd Mayweather. We mere mortals can probably only afford to have two brand new vehicles in our lifetime, so reading about Hamilton’s car collection is bound to make the green monster rear his ugly head. In an interview with Top Gear, he explained that when he was buying a new vehicle, he was interested in its horsepower, sound,and the speed. He was also waiting for the next exciting thing to come out. Below, we will delve into his extensive, yet impressive motorcycle and car collections.

20 Brutale 800 RR LH44

Ultimate Motorcycling

This was another bike that Hamilton created working with the company. He is excited to continue working with the company, (especially their CEOs and engineers) and developing the motorcycle line. He sees the partnership as a good way for him to combine his passion for riding with his interest in design. That way he feels a part of the process very much of designing what he likes, and it helps that the engineers are very attentive and have a keen eye for detail.

19 MV Agusta F4 LH44


This is more of a car than a bicycle since it has four wheels. But this Maverick X3 has off-road capability that some drivers will dare to try.

Hamilton tried out this off-road vehicle when he visited Colorado.

It is no surprise though, that he chose to use it on dirt roads, to test his skills, and well to see if it really lives up to its capabilities. It is cool to look at, despite it deviating from traditional off-road designs.

18 Honda CRF450RK Motor Cross Bike

Vital MX

If you didn’t take Hamilton for the bike type, then guess again. In his garage, he has got himself a Honda Motocross Bike When off the track, it seems as if he has a taste for adrenaline and danger. He doesn’t seem to be the off-road type, but everyone has an unusual hobby, right? At least he’s finding time to unwind off the tracks, and hopefully, he does it carefully, helmet on and everything as bikes have no doors to protect the rider.

17 MV Agusta Dragster RR LH44

via youtube

This bike was actually designed by Hamilton and MV Augusta. It turns out that it is a limited edition and capable of reaching insane speeds quickly.

Since he worked on this bike, it is no surprise that he has not one, but two in his garage.

So when he has a need to speed, he can enjoy himself off the tracks and take his own bike for a spin without so much having to worry about getting a speeding ticket.

16 Ducati Monster 1200

via ducati

Hamilton posted on Facebook to show off his new bike that he is so fond of. Despite not being sponsored by them, he has a love for Ducati bikes. He has a passion for bikes, and they are his favorite vehicles for when he heads off-road. Maybe he would have a shot a motorcycle racing in the future as he hinted that he was going to compete in MotoGP on Twitter. It may have been an April fool’s prank, but who can tell?

15 Maverick X3

MV Agusta

If you had hopes of getting your hands on this motorbike from the MV Agusto Collection, Lewis Hamilton’s third model, you may be a bit disappointed, as only 144 were build and each numbered.

However, if you do happen to get your hands on one of these beauties, included with your purchase will be a certificate of authenticity.

The bike also features his race number and his own unique logo. So if you are a motorbike fan, and a fan of Hamilton, you may want to consider getting one as it may soon be a collectible.

14 Harley Davidson


Hamilton found himself in a bit of hot water over the post he made on snap chat to advertise that he’d been riding a Harley Davidson. In most countries, it is illegal to use your cellular phone while riding a motorcycle. The officers in New Zealand didn’t appreciate the superstar posting to his snap stories while he was driving. Ideally, there was not enough evidence to charge him for the alleged misdemeanor. Lucky enough for him, anything posted on Snapchat disappears within 10 seconds’ time.

13 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500


The Ford Mustang Shelby is one of the most popular muscle cars, ever. It is no surprise that Hamilton has this legendary classic in his car collection.

The 1967 Shelby GT500 was actually one of the first models of the range.

This car was customized and restored to give it its existing aesthetic like the Eleanor but using genuine parts from the manufacturer. When it was manufactured, only a little more than 2,000 were on the market, so this car is a rare treasure.

12 Mercedes- AMG SLS black series

via top speed

This supercar is able to sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour in as little as 3.5 seconds, and its top speed is 196 miles per hour. No wonder the car is in Hamilton’s collection, and it is probably one of the fastest of the series to leave the factory considering that he had it "beefed-up." He got this car in 2014, and it was the fifth of the black series. In a few years’ time this car may just be considered vintage.

11 Shelby 427 Cobra


Hamilton’s Cobra is the 1966 Shelby, developed in 1965. The Mark III Cobra was developed with Ford and is a car with wide fenders and a large radiator. Some of the cars used Ford’s 7.01 L engine despite being intended for road use rather than racing.

These cars are not only rare, but they are valuable.

On the market, they can be auctioned for about $1.5 million. It makes us wonder how much Hamilton paid for his Cobra, considering that he likes his cars customized and modified.

10 McLaren P1


In 2015, Hamilton got this McLaren, despite not being on the team. It may be a symbol of his time driving and winning with the team at McLaren. This car has a high-powered twin-turbo engine that is further helped by its electric motor. This car is based in Monaco at his home and is the car that he primarily uses when he is there. If we had to get a McLaren, Hamilton’s sporty blue version of the car would help to inspire our choice.

9 Ferrari LaFerrari

Top Speed

Every car enthusiast should have a Ferrari in his arsenal. If he didn’t quite frankly, it wouldn’t be fair to call him a car enthusiast.

As evidenced by his being a lover of Mercedes, he has great taste in cars, and he is able to pick an excellent one.

This car is red, and instead of going with the standard black roof, he chooses instead a red rooftop, that makes the car even more sophisticated than it already is. The car can comfortably reach 217 miles per hour.

8 Pagani Zonda 760 LH

via the car spotter

When it comes to choosing a color for your sports car, purple usually isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, color choice aside, Pagani actually delivered a pretty decent looking sports supercar with this model. Hamilton’s car was outfitted with a manual transmission and only 13 of the 760s model were made. Unfortunately, he managed to crash this car one night in Monaco and just like that he didn’t get much time to enjoy his £1.5 million glossed purple automobile toy.

7 Mercedes Maybach S600

Motoring Research

The Maybach S600 is a bit out of the ordinary for Hamilton, and not one of the cars you would expect a man of his caliber to own.

However, it works well for him, and he has proven that he’s not just a man who loves sports cars, but a man who appreciates luxury.

In the picture, he was captured posing next to his car after finishing second in Bahrain GP. He has expressed his desire to be one of few to own a Maybach 6.

6 Mercedes SL65 Black Series

Wikimedia Commons

So, we are well aware of Hamilton’s love for Mercedes Benz. In 2010, he won this car as a prize for winning Abu Dhabi GP-2000. He loves the car because of its V12 engine and was quoted as saying that’s how it should be. Unlike the Maybach S600 that he has, this one is a bit more sport-like with its sleek, coupe design. He may prefer it for its speed, but we much more prefer it because it's nice to look at and is a Mercedes Benz.

5 Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG 6X6


This is another Mercedes Benz that Hamilton has added to his collection, and maybe he will have more in the future. With this beast, he can also go easily off-road.

But only A-listers would spend half a million dollars on a vehicle that they would use off-road.

But ironically, the vehicle was out of stock and only a limited number was made. Lucky enough, and not surprisingly, he was one o the few persons to get his hands on the beast.

4 Ferrari 599 GTO

via autogespot

It’s no surprise that he has another Ferrari in his car collection, this time a black one. Ferrari is a rival brand, but this purchase ranks in the best in his garage. This black beauty created a bit of a fan buzz when he was spotted driving it around in Monaco. The engine is a beast, so it is no surprise that he chose this vehicle. Despite his owning a Laferrari Aperta, this vehicle is no slouch in comparison and just as fun to drive.

3 Dolan Track Bike

via pinterest

Lewis Hamilton was spotted in the paddock on one of his two-wheeled bicycles (not the one pictured here).

It seems as if motor bicycles are not his only form of entertainment, but he basically shows that he can get from Point A to Point B by any means of transportation.

The Formula 1 rider coincidentally matches with his white bicycle in his branded T-shirt and he looks super comfortable and, in his element, getting onto the bicycle despite donning a pair of slim fitting pants that just happen to be the same color as his sneakers.

2 S-Works Fitness Bicycle

via pinterest

It seems as though, Hamilton is fond of all bicycle types, and the non-motorized ones are probably also his favorite means of transportation. It’s not hard to believe that he’s actually getting a workout done here especially given that he’s hardly dressed in jeans, normal sneakers, his sponsor endorsed jacket, and of course a signature cap. Maybe if Fernando Alonso does get his wish of buying a pro cycling team or starting a club, Hamilton would be willing to join his team.

1 Scooter Fun

via nl.motorsport.com

It turns out the Hamilton loves anything that’s on wheels. He basically showed off his skills on this scooter to his social media followers while on vacation in Barbados.

It is no secret though that racing was his first love.

And while he doesn’t outright own a moped, he may very well have one hidden in his garage that he uses for goofy moments. We may not drool over his bicycle collection but his car collection is heavenly.

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