Lexus Customers Revealed To Be The Most Loyal Among Luxury Brand Buyers

Lexus owners and lessees have been revealed to be the most loyal customers out there when it comes to luxury brands. So if someone already drives a Lexus, they're more likely to get another Lexus when the time comes to get a new car.

According to data obtained from the first year of J.D Power's new Automotive Brand Loyalty Study (via Motor Authority), Lexus customers are the users who are most true to any luxury brand.

Said study showed that Toyota's luxury division is more likely to keep a customer than any other as the Lexus topped the chart with a 47.6 loyalty percentage. The figures are based on the percentage of vehicle owners who go for the same brand when buying or trading in for the next vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz comes in at second with a 44.2 loyalty percentage, with BMW falling close behind at 43.6 percent and Porsche not far off at 43.6 percent. Audi and Land Rover are next up with 43.3 percent and 40.3 percent.

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via motorauthority.com

Jaguar has had a problem attracting new customers over the last few years and it appears that they've been struggling to keep their old ones too, as they come in at the bottom of the list with a 20.6 loyalty percentage. Cousin brand Land Rover isn't doing so bad, however, having slotted in at sixth with the percentage noted above.

J.D Power has also presented data relating to mass-market brands. Subaru comes out on top with a whopping 61.5 percent but Toyota remains close behind with 59.5 percent. Honda recorded a 57.7 loyalty percentage in third place and was followed by Ram, which boasts 56.2 percent.

Chrysler and Smart are rooted to the bottom with 14.4 and 14.3 percent, respectively. Smart is soon to exit the US market, so there's no big surprise there, but Chrysler will be the brand which is least likely to attract repeat buyers when that happens.

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