Lexus Hypes UX Crossover Ahead Of Geneva

The Lexus UX Crossover will be at Geneva, and to get drivers hyped, they're hyping the crossover up.

Lexus has released the first image of its production model for the new UX Crossover.

The UX crossover will make her debut in Geneva on March 6, 2018, but Lexus is already on the hype train by releasing the first production image and a short video showing the interior of the car. And what we see thankfully looks very little like the UX Concept shown in Paris back in 2016.

In case you weren’t there, the original UX Concept was a little bizarre, geometrically speaking. The entire body seemed like it was sticking its middle finger to air resistance by having hard angles shoot out from every corner while also being wide enough to look like it could float across the English channel.

On top of looking like a fairly comfortable infantry fighting vehicle, it looked like the wheels were castoff Beyblades—which likely would have helped with the whole crossing the English channel thing.


Anyway, the real UX looks almost nothing like the concept, but it does share some design choices. The wheel wells, for example, are both rounded at the front and squared at the back. Both the concept and production model share the now standard double-grille, where the front fascia seems to have two vents that appear as the continuation of the front grille.

The wheels, thankfully, no longer appear like they’re straight out of a Japanese cartoon.

Lexus released very few technical details on the crossover, saying only that "underneath the skin there’s an all-new platform that gives the UX exceptional body rigidity and a low center of gravity for exceptional handling." Considering the UX shares much of that platform with the C-HR, it seems a little questionable to call it “all-new”, but it is new to Lexus at least.

What’s powering this beast is a bit of a mystery. We know the NX, the larger but-still-somewhat-compact SUV ride above the UX, has a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine outputting 235 hp, so it would seem a no-brainer to slap that same engine in the UX. But we’ll have to wait until March 6, 2018, to find out.


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