Life In The NFL: The 20 Sickest Cars Driven By Players

With a decent income, you can buy a good car. With a good income, you can buy a great car for yourself. With a great income, you can probably indulge in some sports cars. But it’s only with a footballer’s income that you can buy, maintain, and drive some of the cars listed here (talking about you, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe).

Seriously, though, some of the cars listed here are really, really expensive - like if you were an average person, and decided to cash in your house, car, and other assets and managed to buy one of the expensive ones listed here, you wouldn’t know what to do with it. The gas would be too expensive—these cars aren't exactly meant to be fuel-efficient. Then you'd have to make sure it was regularly maintained, which is rather costly. And if it required some significant work, then you'd need to start thinking about selling one of your kidneys in third-world countries, as you don’t have any other valuables left.

And that’s why these pro football players aren't average. Some of them have overcome a great deal of adversity, unlike most of the average people out there. And because they've continually worked hard, they make a lot of money. A couple of the newer players make the low side of what the NFL players make in general, but that's not scant by any means, as those who are stars earn in the range of tens of millions.

Let’s get rolling!

20 Delanie Walker: Oldsmobile Cutlass 442

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The tight end for the Titans, he was drafted by the 49ers in the 2006 NFL Draft after playing college football at Central Missouri. In 2016, he signed a two-year contract extension with the Titans, earning $8.2 million for sure.

Built by GM from the year 1960 all the way to nearly 2000, the Cutlass was meant to be Oldsmobile's smallest entry-level car.

Totally tricked out with its low suspension, custom rims, and wing doors, his car imparts an aroma that matches his personality. In an all-white color scheme, the convertible looks better with the top down. You can’t tell from a distance what kind of car it is, though, because you don’t see these too often. This is a dream car that any classic car lover would want to have.

19 LeGarrette Blount: Custom Chevy

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Much like his cars, LeGarrette Blount had a striking past. Although he currently is the running back for the Eagles, he entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2010. He played at East Mississippi Community College and did so well that he was later recruited by Oregon, where he shared the running back role with senior Jeremiah Johnson.

Now that he's playing pro, he’s got three cars, and the Chevy made the list. It’s highly customized with a black and red interior. It’s also got three TVs—one on the back of each front-row seat and another, bigger one, hanging from the top in the middle. The car is lifted, and the tires are given an exotic look with red rims. This car screams dominance!

18 Joe Haden: Lamborghini Murcielago

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The now-Steelers cornerback Haden was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. His high-school career was so impressive that he had college offers from all over the country, including Florida, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee; he chose the University of Florida. On July 31, 2010, he signed a five-year, $50 million contract with the Cleveland Browns.

Pictured here is his Lamborghini Murcielago, which he bought from Akon by the way. His Murcielago has an all-white exterior and red leather interior. It’s quite comfortable in there—you see how smug he looks sitting in the car that has scissor doors? While the Murcielago is succeeded by the famous Aventador, his car, undeniably, provides him with a smooth and sweet ride from home to practice.

17 Aldon Smith: Lincoln Continental

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Currently on suspension, he really made some good choices before becoming a pro. Numerous colleges were lined up to take him after high school, and Smith chose the University of Missouri. Just after two years, he decided to forgo the remaining two years to take a shot at the 2011 NFL Draft. He was even drafted in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the 49ers. But after that, he had a series of legal issues that involved a lot of DUIs, acts of substance possession, and misdemeanors.

He owns an old black Lincoln Continental, which, if you're not familiar with cars, is the luxury line of Lincoln. The car, dogs, and Smith all look nice in the picture. Maybe, if he stopped having a penchant for DUIs, he would have a better car and would've placed higher on the list.

16 Devin Hester: Custom Chevy

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Recruited in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft as a wide receiver, Hester played college football at the University of Miami. He had seen his own share of troubles in his early life, if not more than what some others have seen in life. Battling with depression after his mother was severely injured in a car accident and his father died of cancer, football became the means to escape the melancholy of life. And he was good at it, as is evident from him being a pro!

His pick? A Chevy Caprice. Apparently, he's very fond of driving classic cars, much like this highly customized Chevy. It’s on 26-inch chrome rims and is saturated with Louis Vuitton prints throughout the exterior. The interior leather is also decorated with Louis Vuitton accessories.

15 Terrelle Pryor: Nissan 350Z

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At the age of 28, Terrelle Pryor is one of the younger ones on this list. He was a high school sensation, being one of the most sought-after football and basketball athletes. Indeed, he wanted to become a two-sport athlete but later decided to settle with football. Poor him, huh? While he was picked by the Oakland Raiders in the 2011 Supplemental Draft, just last year, he signed a one-year, $8 million contract with the Redskins.

He had this car even when he was in college, though, and it was even subject to the whole NCAA investigation after the whole bribery scandal. Nonetheless, the car turned out to be free of blemished money. It’s a classy sports car with a reasonable price that he bought before making it in the NFL.

14 Tom Brady: Audi R8

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The Patriots quarterback has only had success so far in his NFL career. Having won five Super Bowls, which, by the way, is a record achieved only by him and another player, Charles Haley, Brady has been raking up a lot of green with a staggering net worth of $180 million. Oh, did I mention that his wife is the best supermodel? And she herself is worth more than $360 million. So, the price of the Audi R8 is just a drop in the bucket for him. Based on Lambo’s Gallardo platform, the R8 uses Audi’s Quattro engine. It screams status, performance, and perfection. Talking about the last of those, even the six-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Jacky Ickx described the R8 as the “best-handling road car today.”

13 Antrel Rolle: Maserati GranTurismo

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While he's retired now, his car is anything but retired. With a $37-million, five-year contract, he was one of the highest paid safeties in the history of NFL. Standing six-foot tall, he played for the University of Miami and was drafted eighth overall in 2005 by the Arizona Cardinals.

He owns a Maserati GT, which looks subdued yet sporty. And that’s one of the things I like about Maseratis. They're not obnoxiously shaped and curved like some of the other high-end cars just to get that “sporty feel.” With just some simple curves, the Maserati GT gives you a powerful look; that’s the magic of Maserati. Also, with the red windows and red flange, the rims match the trident Maserati logo. Here, you see Rolle with Alex Vega standing in front of the red Maserati.

12 Aaron Rodgers: Chevrolet Camaro

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The quarterback for the Packers had considered becoming a lawyer when he didn’t have D-1 programs recruiting him despite his record-setting statistics. However, he was eventually selected to play college football at the University of California, Berkeley. Giving strong performances throughout his college career, this time, he hoped to be recruited by the 49ers in the 2005 NFL Draft. However, when the 49ers picked another quarterback, Rodgers was disappointed. But he still made it—which is quite an understatement, considering he signed a five-year, $110 million contract with the Packers in 2013—by being picked by the Packers in 2005.

His car? The classic Chevrolet Camaro. The red convertible looks exceptionally gorgeous and has an equally satisfying powertrain under the hood—a 3.6-liter V-6 paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

11 Peyton Manning: Cadillac Escalade

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The legendary NFL quarterback Manning has achieved a lot in his life. He was with the Colts for roughly 13 years and then with the Broncos for three years. Before going pro, roughly 60 colleges tried to recruit him! He hails from a football family and has written history. While retired now, he has a net worth of over $115 million; he rakes millions of dollars from endorsements from companies such as MasterCard, DirecTV, and Gatorade.

What does he drive? A Cadillac Escalade, amongst others. The full-size luxury SUV is Cadillac’s SUV flagship, having been on the market since 1998. It’s definitely meant to show off macho-ness and does the job well with its V-8 engine and a menacing look. Taylor Mays, Vernon Davis, and Michael Strahan also drive an Escalade.

10 Vernon Davis: Porsche Panamera

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The tight end for the Redskins, Vernon Davis, played college football at Maryland. Drafted in 2006 by the 49ers, in which he played for nine years, he switched to the Broncos in 2015 and currently plays for the Redskins. In addition to loving football (duh), he's an avid lifter. He set a couple of records for a tight end in bench press and squat in his college. Even now, he likes to lift for “endurance” during the off-season with 245 lb. During the season, he goes full on, lifting 435 lb. His favorite workout exercise? The bench press.

A guy who likes to bench press might have found a hummer more apt although they're rather a nuisance to park, so that’s why he might've chosen something more compact yet stylish. The Porsche Panamera checks off all the boxes.

9 Michael Oher: BMW 7-Series

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When it comes to unfortunate luck, Michael Oher seems to have plenty of that. Born to not only an alcoholic and crack cocaine addict mother, he also suffered through the frequent imprisonments of his father. Consequently, he received little attention from his family. He lived in foster homes and faced homelessness frequently in his life.

He was an exceptional football player, which allowed him to be drafted in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft while playing college football. Currently, he owns a very nice BMW series 7! Its slick exterior is complemented by the impressive interior, which has all the luxury and accessories befitting a brand like BMW. After suffering through all that, he got something status-worthy and luxuries for himself.

8 Michael Oher: 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS

This totally rad Chevy belongs to the guy who struggled a lot in his early life. Welcome back, Michael Oher, and congratulations! Your 1970 Chevelle SS has made it on the sickest cars list. One of the most successful nameplates when it came out in the mid-size category in the 1960s and 1970s, the Chevelle SS has totally become a classic—and rad—car now. Oher’s Chevelle SS is modified with a top-notch blue and white color of the body, 26-inch Forgiato wheels, and custom gray suede interior with blue piping through and through. The sound system is also awesome, with big speakers not only on both sides but also on the rear interior deck. With chrome bumpers, the grille looks even more striking. Go, Oher!

7 Tom Brady: Rolls-Royce Ghost

And Brady has done it again. He comes back on the list with a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Good thing the article isn’t about “How Athletes Travel,” or I would've been forced to include his private jet on the list. (Yes, he and his wife own a private jet.) The Rolls-Royce Ghost is pure luxury, being smaller and “more measured” than the Phantom, which weighs nearly as much as a Humvee. The interior has various custom options, including the basic leather seats and wood veneers to the extravagant massage seats. That’s right, the car has seats capable of giving you a massage. Welcome to the luxury world, baby! The four-door sedan is packed with a 6.6-liter twin-turbo V-12 engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, giving you a powerful drive.

6 Russell Wilson: Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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The quarterback for the Seahawks, Wilson was drafted in the 2012 NFL Draft. His college football career occurred at both NC State and Wisconsin, which he transferred to after two years at NC State. In 2015, Wilson signed a four-year, $87.6 million contract extension with the Seahawks and endorses several companies—meaning he rakes in a lot of money. Oh, he's also married to the R&B singer Ciara.

With a net worth of roughly $120 million, the $119,00 Mercedes-Benz G-Class is like a drop in the bucket. In the standard setting, the SUV is equipped with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that generates 416 HP. But the G-Class offers some of the best customizations; some engines can produce as much as 621 HP and obtain sub-five-second 0-60 mph time.

5 Colin Kaepernick: Jaguar F-Type

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Born to a single mother, Colin Kaepernick was placed for adoption at an early age, which did work out for him as he was placed with a stable family. In high school, Kaepernick was an amazing baseball player and even received scholarship offers. Desperately wanting to play college football, he declined them and eventually attended Nevada for football.

While he was drafted by the 49ers in 2011, he opted out of the contract after the 2016 season. Currently, he's a free agent, and it seems that his protests during the national anthem might have something to do with it. Whatever the case may be, one thing's for sure: He drives an awesome car, a 2014 Jaguar F-Type. The V8 near-500-HP beast looks stylish and drives accordingly.

4 Larry Fitzgerald: Mercedes Benz SL550

The wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals was drafted third overall in the 2004 NFL Draft after doing exceptionally well in college football at the University of Pittsburgh. He's stayed with the Cardinals since 2004 and considers it an honor to be part of one team for that long. The team is also receptive to the idea of him retiring with the Cardinals, although not anytime soon. After a recent contract extension, we learned about his despise for the business side of the NFL, as that takes away from what’s important: the game. Nevertheless, he owns a Mercedes Benz SL550, amongst a few others, including a rebuilt Mustang Shelby. While the price is low compared to what some of the others have on the list, the car is classy, traditional, and fast - much like himself.

3 Frank Gore: Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

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Attending the University of Miami for football, Gore had quite the glory, except for in one of the seasons due to an ACL injury. Picked in the third round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the 49ers, he stayed with them for nine years before signing a three-year, $12 million contract with the Colts as a running back.

The contract is, of course, in the millions but still nothing over-the-top like some of the others have on the list. But his car is definitely something, a masterpiece, that is. Derived from the concept car 100EX, the Drophead Coupe is the most expensive Rolls-Royce model with a price tag of over half a million dollars. As you can see, the all-black exterior car of his is an epic combination of luxury and sports in one.

2 Jay Cutler: Audi R8 GT

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In case you didn’t know, Cutler is another famous quarterback, much like the renowned Tom Brady. Cutler’s college football career was also breathtaking; notable was the fact that he never missed a game due to injury. While he officially announced his retirement following the 2016 season, Cutler ended up coming back to football with the Miami Dolphins with a one-year, $10 million contract (sweet deal, eh?) after quarterback Ryan Tannehill sustained a season-ending injury.

His choice of vehicle? An Audi R8 GT. It’s a beautiful car, to say the least. The white and accents-of-orange color scheme give it a sizzling look right off the bat. The 5.2-liter V-10 engine matches the tantalizing exterior in performance. It looks better than Brady’s R8, so we're ranking it higher.

1 Jamaal Charles: Lamborghini Gallardo LP-550 2

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Jamaal Charles didn’t have an easy childhood. Diagnosed with a learning disability, he had difficulty reading and consequently suffered through the incessant teasing. At the age of 10, he had the chance to participate in the Special Olympics, where he unearthed his hidden talents and saw his potential in athletics.

Drafted in the third round of the 2008 NFL Draft, his first year in the NFL was rather dull, rushing only 67 times for 357 yards. After the release of halfback Larry Johnson the next year, the pace picked up for Charles—quite literally when he bought the superfast Gallardo LP-550 2. The Gallardo is the epitome of style, performance and awesomeness with the numerous customizations available to add personal taste. Here you can see Charles showing off his cyan-colored Gallardo.

Sources: cars.usnews.com; Pinterest; TheRichest

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