Lincoln Aviator Crossover Planned To Appear At New York Auto Show

The Lincoln Aviator Crossover will appear at the New York Auto Show, giving drivers a less massive option in luxury.

Lincoln Aviator Crossover Planned To Appear At New York Auto Show

The Lincoln Aviator will return in 2019.

You might not realize this, but Ford has a luxury brand called Lincoln. They hardly sell any cars, but Lincolns do exist, although mostly in the form of the Lincoln Navigator—an enormous SUV that seems more related to a school bus than a sport utility vehicle.

But besides the Navigator, you’ve probably never seen a Lincoln in the wild. That may be about to change with Ford announcing the resurrection of the Lincoln Aviator.

The last time the Aviator was built was back in 2005, where it was essentially a more expensive Ford Explorer. Since the Ford was cheaper but had all the same features it tended to sell a lot better than the Aviator, so they wrapped up production due to poor sales in August 2005.


So now Lincoln will return the Aviator from the grave where it will once again be based on the Ford Explorer. We know very little else of what Lincoln plans for the reborn Aviator, but given the fact it’s based on the Explorer it will likely come with yet another version of the 3.5-L V6 engine that has been powering the Explorer for so long.

As Lincoln is ostensibly a luxury brand, it might be a safe bet to assume there will be some turbocharging action coming from that V6 as seen on the higher trim levels of the Explorer. Or we might even see one of those fancy hybrid engines that Ford has been muttery about in their recent press releases. Time will there.

Lincoln plans to offer two all-new SUVs of which the reborn Aviator is but the first. The second is an ephemeral SUV that will find itself somewhere between the MKC and the current Navigator. Lincoln also plans to produce 4 more SUVs to their lineup after that second mystery car. That’s a full SUV lineup for a poorly-selling luxury car maker.

Expect to see the Aviator make its grand re-entrance at the New York Auto Show later this month.


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