Listen To The Mid-Engine Corvette As It Rips Through The Nürburging

We get to listen to the new mid-engine Corvette as it runs around the Nürburging and speculate on just what might be making that beautiful noise.

Listen To The Mid-Engine Corvette As It Rips Through The Nürburging

Take a listen to the new C8 mid-engine Corvette as it tears its way through the Nürburging.

We’ve entered a new stage in the C8 Corvette’s development. Gone is the bulky and ridiculous looking vinyl coverings, and instead we get to see the sleek lines of the new mid-engine design as it rockets its way around Germany’s famous Nürburging race track. GM’s engineers are now more concerned with getting accurate performance data than they are concerned with keeping their new toy under wraps, which means we can get a good look at the thing for the first time.

And not just look--listen! In a new video from Jalopnik, we get to actually hear the engine of the C8 as it runs proper laps, giving us plenty of fuel to speculate on just what’s under the hood.

The very first thing you’ll notice is the car is… well, kinda quiet. This is totally unexpected from a Corvette, which has historically been powered by a big, loud, obnoxious V8 engine that either rumbles its way to notoriety or has a big screaming supercharger to announce its presence miles before it actually shows up.


There’s definitely no supercharger whine, so we can scratch that off the list. Not that there won’t be a supercharged Corvette--this could just be a base-level trim. Or there might not be any superchargers at all. Jalopnik postulates that this car is so quiet it might not even have a V8, and is instead powered by a medium-sized twin-turbo V6 like some sort of European supercar.

Or it could still be a V8 and it just has a really good muffler.

There have also been rumors of a hybrid car under development that has around 1,000 hp. This car doesn’t seem quick enough to be sporting that many ponies, but a hybrid car would certainly be as quiet as this particular vehicle.

One thing that’s for sure, and was noted by Jalopnik’s writer: this car is an automatic. You can tell by the super short shifts that no human being could ever accomplish and can only be done via computer.

Hopefully, Chevy will come out with some teaser announcements so we can start nailing some details down. In the meantime, enjoy the throat, if understated, grumble of the upcoming C8 Corvette.


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