UK Tuner Litchfield Gives New Toyota Supra 420bhp Plus Several Other Cool Tweaks

Litchfield's known for working on Nissans but this new A90 was too good a project to pass up.

British car tuning company Litchfield has given the new Supra a few tweaks that should really boost its performance, per Top Gear.

Litchfield, known for its work on Nissan GT-Rs, was the first to get the A90 and now have some boasting to do where Toyotas are concerned, having announced tuning upgrades for the car.

The Supra's BMW-sourced 3.0-liter turbo, straight-six engine was an initial 335bhp installment but Litchfield has brought 420bph out of it while taking the torque from 365 pound-feet to 440 pound-feet.

Litchfield claims that the above numbers represent "considerable gains even when a standard Supra is producing numbers closer to 370bhp."

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Toyota Supra
via Toyota

The tuners also tested both the Milltek and Akrapovic exhausts, which yielded impressive results, according to the company. Buyers can opt for either and, given the ECU tweak, a car from their garage should pack quite the punch.

They're also offering a better oil cooler pack that's claimed to lower temperatures for engines and gearboxes "dramatically." A Litchfield charger cooler radiator that boosts cooling capacities and a heat-shielded induction pack are also available, with the latter promoting optimal airflow.

The modifications don't stop there. A Litchfield strut brace for added rigidity, bespoke lowering springs with coiler solutions from KW and Bilstein, and an enhanced caster bush for more refined steering are all part of the package.

As for finishing, the UK-based tuners have front and rear carbonfire lips and vent trim pieces available for the time being and will have more cooling ducts for the bonnet in future.

The company hasn't yet released pricing and availability information but has confirmed that any work done on its Tewkesbury premises will carry warranty, much like all of it's Nissan GT-R packages.

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