London Creates More Charging Stations With New Focus On EV Taxis

London is in the midst of changing some infrastructure to accommodate EVs, specifically electric taxis with more charging stations.

London Creates More Charging Stations With New Focus On EV Taxis

London has recently unveiled 100 new car charging stations in a bid to promote electric vehicles.

If you’re an EV owner, there’s probably no better city in the world to drive in than jolly old London England. With a growing number of commuters ditching their gas-guzzling, polluting wheels for clean electric cars, the city is helping to promote that trend by establishing a network of charging stations around town.

This is especially helpful for the new TX Black Cabs, electric taxi cabs that can use the new 50kW chargers to top up “in as little as 20 minutes”, according to Autocar.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, said that the new chargers “mark a big step forward in the shift to zero-emissions vehicles, which the capital desperately needs to clean up our toxic air.”

TX Charging
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He went on to say “widespread change will not happen until a sufficient charging infrastructure is in place, allowing taxi drivers, businesses, and Londoners to easily make the switch.

“Alongside around 2,000 standard charge points already installed across London, at least 150 Transport for London-funded rapid charging points are set to be in place by the end of 2018, in addition to new infrastructure in residential neighborhoods.”


Although London is fast adopting electric cars, it wasn’t fast enough to make a 2020 ban on gas and diesel cars viable. As a result, the city was forced to push back their ban of such vehicles until the year 2030.

Much of London’s urban smog is blamed on their fleet of aging diesel-fueled taxi cabs, which are believed to account for 16% of NOx emissions. However, if the city is able to replace those older taxis at their planned rate they could reduce those emissions by as much as 45%.

London Mayor
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“London's cab drivers are at the front line of the city's fight to improve air quality, and their support will ensure the successful transition to cleaner vehicles in the capital,” said LEVC CEO Chris Gubbey, the maker of the TX Taxi. “Their commitment is already demonstrated by the hundreds of pre-orders for our new range-extender electric taxi.

"To maintain this momentum, we need London Boroughs to prioritize rapid-charging infrastructure which, in turn, will encourage more drivers to make the switch to zero-emissions-capable vehicles.”

London is also in the process of developing a network of 150 kW chargers which would allow most electric vehicles to charge up to 80% in as little as 20 minutes. The newest chargers aren’t expected to begin installation until 2019.


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