Lotus Is Working On 2 New Sports Cars

Lotus Is Working On 2 New Sports Cars

There are rumors that Lotus is now working on two brand new sports cars that may replace its current lineup.

Late last year, we heard some dirty rumors that British sports car maker Lotus is getting out of the sports car game and making its first-ever crossover. The fact Lotus is developing a crossover turned out to be true, but were they getting out of the sports car market? Not a chance. Lotus is in it for the long haul and they’re developing two brand new cars to take them into the 21st century.

Speaking to Autocar, Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales said that any new cars Lotus makes will always adhere to their core principals: “lightweight, aerodynamic, and handling.” He also said that the first new car will be "in an upper segment, above the Evora,” and it will “take the Evora a step further” in terms of lightness.


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Currently, Lotus has two platforms that all their cars are built on. The first is a two-to-four seater chassis that serves as the basis for the Evora, while the other is used on the Elise, Exige, and 3-Eleven sports cars. Both have frames that are made of a combination of steel and aluminum.

The new car is expected to have much the same combination for its frame, but achieving additional lightness likely means an additional use of lighter materials like carbon fiber. The fastest Evora available, the GT430 Sport, already makes extensive use of carbon fiber in the body and rear wing, so additional carbon might find its way into the frame too.

Sitting above the Evora also means some significant power. The current GT430 gets 430 hp from its Toyota-sourced supercharged V6. Gales said that it’s possible Lotus will use powertrains sourced from Geely, the new owner of Lotus, but it’s more likely that they’ll use Toyota-sourced engines for the immediate future.

Gales also said the new car will look like a modern-day Esprit, which is a questionable choice since the car was basically a plain wedge for its nearly three decades of service life.

As for the second car, we have no idea. It probably will sit between the Exige and Elise, according to Autocar, but Gales said that the market is moving upscale so we can expect something that will be a little more exciting than either of them.

Which is saying something since Lotus cars are nothing but excitement.


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