10 Luxury Car Mods You Can Get For Cheap (That Will Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks)

There are many affordable modifications available for the average driver to make their vehicle more luxurious and impressive to other motorists.

Many motorists have their own specific taste and desires when purchasing a car. Some value speed and handling while others simply want a relaxing ride to work. For those who value the latter option, it may be difficult to decide which car suits their needs. Some may see the exorbitant cost associated with a nice, comfortable, luxurious vehicle and slink away believing that such a wish will never come to fruition.

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However, just because the car comes from the factory without everything you want, doesn't mean that that's the end-all, be-all. There are many affordable modifications for the average driver to make their vehicle nicer, more luxurious, and impressive to other motorists. So, without further ado, here are 10 affordable luxury modifications that will make you (and your car) feel like a million bucks.

10 New Carpet/Floor Mats

One of the easiest places to begin modifying your vehicle for luxury is the interior. The inside of the car is (obviously) where drivers spend most of their time, so even small changes can lead to a noticeable difference. Changing the carpets is an example of such a small, yet impactful, mod.

New carpets and floor mats will liven up the interior, even changing the patterns depending on which design is chosen. Some drivers go as far as to have the entire floorboard reupholstered, although these sort of mods can cost significantly more. Regardless, carpets are a big part of the interior and will surely be noticed if they are modified in any way.

9 Leather Steering Wheel

Similar to the floor mats, the steering wheel is a big part of the vehicle's interior appearance. A new, leather steering wheel can aid the driver in more than just looks, though. Oftentimes, a nicer wheel offers the motorist better grip and texture to hold onto it, along with its good looks.

To add to this, these mods are relatively simple to install and easy to afford. One could go on eBay or Amazon and find a luxury steering wheel for just about any car model for less than $200. If decided, drivers can also take their wheel to a mod shop and get a custom one, too—just be wary of the extra cost.

8 Change The Grills

As far as the vehicle's exterior, there are still several things that can be done to add a level of grandeur and uniqueness, such as the grills. The front grills for just about any vehicle are the centerpiece of its frontal exterior design, and a small change to it can drastically alter the vehicle's looks.

Examples can be seen in many car manufacturers like BMW and their front 'kidney' style grates, Range Rovers, and also basic work trucks. Most dealerships even will offer aftermarket parts when you purchase the car initially. These range from completely different designs to "blacked-out" paint schemes.

7 New Rims

This mod is a particularly obvious one, but important nonetheless. Among the car modifying scene, new rims and tires are very common and can add a level of performance and style to just about any build.

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Some stock vehicles come with hubcaps, so simply changing these can make the car very luxurious by comparison. Depending on the rims, the price can also be relatively cheap. However, make sure that the ones bought are up to snuff and match the rest of the vehicle.

6 De-badging

Of all the potential mods to spice up your vehicle with some more luxury, de-badging is the cheapest and easiest. Anyone with a few simple household tools can make this change work in a single afternoon.

De-badging is, essentially, removing all the manufacturer's logos from the car. This adds a layer of sleekness to the exterior and can be very visually appealing. Once again, it's very affordable. Only a couple of bucks are needed to buy the necessary tools (if you don't already own them).

5 Softer Suspension

Sometimes the mods you can't see are the most important ones. This holds true for both performance upgrades and comfort/luxury modifications. Springs and proper suspension can work both ways: helping the car to corner better or softening the suspension for a smoother ride.

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If luxury is the goal, then the improved ride quality is definitely a must-have. Although most newer vehicles come with a relatively soft setup from the factory, good aftermarket springs can help to reduce body roll, increase handling, and retain (if not improve) the factory-fresh feeling.

4 Install Apple CarPlay

This is more specific to Apple product users; however, there are multiple alternatives for different brands of cellphones like "G.M.' MyLink" and Ford's "Ford Sync." All of these work for both Android and IOS.

If your vehicle doesn't already have a Bluetooth interactive touch-screen where drivers can place a call or change the music, then this is a very straightforward mod. CarPlay, and other devices like it, add a level of luxury and comfort to the driving experience, as well as limit potential accidents caused due to distracted driving. Before too long, every middle-of-the-line and high-end car will have something such as this installed into it, if not already.

3 Good Maintenance

Seems simple enough, right? Well, you may be surprised by the number of motorists who don't take care of their vehicles as they should. According to recent polls, 84% of drivers have their service lights on, meaning they haven't been taking care of their cars.

Before you can run, you must learn to walk. So always consider making sure the vehicle you're driving is clean, healthy, and safe before attempting to change anything on it, especially internal components. Many auto-shops offer a free diagnosis, too, so don't hesitate to check that no repairs are needed.

2 Seat Covers

Like de-badging and carpet changes, getting new seat covers are a great luxury mod for a very affordable price. Seat covers come in multiple different materials, ranging from simple cloth to expensive leather.

This mod is sufficiently cheap in comparison to reupholstering the entire set of seats since that alternative can be upward of a few thousand dollars. The original seats will degrade, however, but putting covers on and staying away from direct sunlight will help tremendously and keep the car looking (and feeling) great.

1 Exterior Wrap

Rather than spending thousands of dollars and constantly worrying about a new paint job, you could always wrap the car instead. Wraps are much more affordable and, for all intents and purposes, function the same. Oftentimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between the factory paint and a well-done wrap.

Wraps also give the driver a degree of freedom to decide what they want the car to look like. Some want a car that stands out with crazy color schemes, while some just want a clear bra to protect from chips or scratches. Whatever the reason is, rest assured that a wrap will get it done in style.

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