25 Luxury Convertibles Under $25,000 And Worth Every Penny

The feel of driving a smooth and beautiful luxury convertible car can’t be overemphasized, especially when the roof is opened during the summer or spring time. The car takes a new look entirely, giving it that 007 feel. However, getting a luxury convertible car could be quite expensive, especially if the car manufacturer has a reputable name across the globe.

But why are these luxury convertibles that expensive? First off, the “luxury” in the convertible's name immediately states that it should be expensive. Then, the fact that it’s a “convertible”  obviously takes the manufacturer more effort, time, and tools to get it perfect.

However, one must not be a Bill Gates or a Mark Zuckerberg to afford a luxury convertible. All it takes is to get a used one that has still got a good resale value and great mileage. Basically, getting a new luxury convertible may cost you between $60,000 and above. It all depends on the make. For instance, getting a new Ferrari Enzo, a Lamborghini, or even a Hennessey may cost a fortune.

Getting the convertible versions of the above cars is not the only option available to enjoy the driving experience. Beautiful and powerful convertibles can still give the feel of the “bank breaking luxury convertibles” without actually breaking the bank. Oh Yes! It’s quite possible. All it takes is to stay glued to this list of 25 luxury convertibles that can be bought for under $25,000 without any stress.

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25 Dodge Viper Roadster

Via CarGurus

From the name, you can tell that this V10 powered car is quite monstrous. This baby was built for the manliest men. Riding in this car would definitely offend nearby motorist due to its intimidating noise and fabulous looks.

It has the ability to produce up to 600 horsepower, but this is dependent on the year you purchase.

It’s really interesting that this car goes for about $24,500 but before you make a purchase, ensure that you check for wear at the rear tire, signs of bubbling at the rocker panel that covers the exhaust, and any paint damage that could be the result of the enormous engine's immense heat.

24 2008 BMW Z4 Roadster

Via Best Car Mag

Aside from the fact that the BMW Z4 Roadster goes for around $23,499 used, you can be sure that it will deliver everything you desire in a luxury convertible car with its unique styling and European driving dynamics.

This premium roadster has an upscale cabin and a healthy smattering of technology. This car produces up to 255 horsepower if you opt for the standard model in the “Si” trim. However, before you purchase this car, ensure that the cabin electronics are working and also perform an inspection to make sure the roof mechanism doesn’t look like its seizing or binding.

23 2005 Honda S2000

Via Roadsmile

The 2005 Honda S2000 is an amazing minimalist convertible that goes for right under $25,000 when in excellent condition. Apart from the fact that it comes with Honda reliability and a rear-wheel drive, it can produce up to 240 horsepower at a screaming 9,000 RPM.

If you get one of these, it’s best to go for a model that is close to stock and well maintained.

It’s also important that you check for roof leaks, badly installed performance modification that may have been made by the former owner, excessive clutch noise, and grinding when you’re shifting gears.

22 2013 BMW 3-Series

Via Parkers

The BMW 3 series has a 180-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This engine has plenty of capacity to power the base 2013 sedan version. It may also interest you to know that the convertible and coupe model also have an optional four-cylinder engine that produces 230 horsepower.

Newer versions of this car go for about $23,000 and the fact that it has a lot of power in the base engine makes it worth every penny. This car has a good rating with its ability to deliver 35 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg in the city.

21 2009 Nissan 370Z Roadster

Via Car Pixel

No doubt, the Nissan 370z Roadster can be quite expensive when it’s new, but in the used market you can be sure of getting this boldly-styled sports car with a certified pre-owned warranty for around $24,989.

The styling of the Nissan 370Z is responsible for its surprisingly exotic appearance. It uses a V6 engine that produces 337 horsepower and it’s difficult not to love and appreciate the handling characteristics of the 370Z since it benefits from a tight, well-engineered suspension and a rear-wheel-drive chassis layout.

20 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

Via YouTube

The 2004 Chevrolet Corvette is a fifth-generation Corvette that was able to put Chevy on the global sports car level while offering amazing engineering that nonetheless financially challenged brands like the Lotuses, Porsches, and Ferraris of its day.

When you opt for a car like this that goes for $23,555 you can be sure of getting a timeless look, a power output of about 345 horsepower, and decent reliability that comes with world-class performance cars. The driver’s seat is also something to boast about due to its durability. It’s important to check for leaks and beneath the battery for signs of corrosion on the frame.

19 Chevrolet Camaro

via motor1.com

The Chevrolet Camaro is a sweet convertible that you can easily find in any color of your choice and with options that best suit your needs.

It goes for about $23,595 but our budget leaves us mostly with V6 models.

This is quite negligible, considering the fact that it has an engine that produces 323 horsepower and peak torque of 278 lb-ft. With this budget, you can decide to choose from the wide range of used Camaro models but the upscale LT trim is ideal. It comes with features like power front seats, alloy wheels, automatic headlights, Bluetooth, and iPod interface.

18 2013 Infiniti G37

Via Newscom

If you’re in the market for a coupe, sedan or convertible with a budget of $24,000, the 2013 Infiniti G37 in all its forms is a versatile vehicle that would appeal to you.

The convertible comes with a sports trim and base trim while the coupe and sedan come in the base Journey trim and a higher sports trim. However, with your budget of less than $25,000, it’s advisable to go for lower trims of the 2013 Infiniti G37 because they are a good choice for an entry-level luxury class vehicle.

17 2004 Ford Mustang Convertible

Via New York Mustangs

The Ford Mustang is one of this country's favorite convertibles that gives a performance that you can always rely on. Fourth gen models have awesome looks and can be found well under $15,000 with a snorting exhaust note that comes from its potent 4.6 L V8 engine that produces up to 260 horsepower. When you choose to go for the Mustang, ensure you check for a hesitation during acceleration that suggests that the engine sensors are faulty. It’s also important to check the rear tires and brakes to affirm that they aren’t burnt out.

16 2006 Audi TT Convertible

Via Auto Evolution

This generation Audi TT has unique looks and remarkable handling dynamics. It goes for well under $10,000 and Quattro all-wheel drive is perfect for those who choose not to store their sports cars in winter months because it maximizes year-round traction for the owners.

It’s available in a four or six-cylinder power but you have to be aware of the mileage on this model’s timing belt and endeavor to change it periodically.

If you’d rather go for the models with a V6 engine, ensure that you check for coolant leaks around the thermostat housing and underneath the rocker panels for damage or rust.

15 2005 Mazda Miata (MX-5)

via openbay.com

The Mazda Miata is Japanese built car that appears to be one of the world’s most successful roadsters that combines an outstanding fuel economy with an addictive driving dynamics.

This car goes for under $10,000 which is reasonable considering the fact that the two-seater is fun to drive and reliable.

You can look out for features like power accessories, leather seating, CD changer, anti-lock brakes, and Bose audio. Before you buy the MX-5, make sure you check the trunk-lid, lower door sills, and wheel-wells for any signs of rust.

14 Volvo C70

Via Autopolis

The Convertible Volvo C70 has got the perfect looks that will catch the attention of every eye on the streets. It also has a great engine performance, which makes it the perfect buy for your money’s worth. The unified lines on its body and the sporty stance give it a more beautiful look. Its 2.5L engine generates 233 horsepower which gives it the capacity to do 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Thus, for way under $20,000, you’d get the car parked in your garage.

13 Saturn Sky

Via Reddit

The Saturn Sky has a high-performance turbocharged 2-liter 4-cylinder engine that generates 290 horsepower with a torque rating of 340 lb-ft, which is enough to set the tar on fire. This roadster designed car is capable of giving you the comfort and smile you desire. It comes with an aggressive stance and sporty angles that make it the perfect car for a soft top. With a 5-speed automatic or manual transmission, you can be assured that the drive handling will be smooth as easy. The good news; you’d only need $15,646 to enjoy all the benefits of this car.

12 Volkswagen EOS

Via Top Speed

All the car versions of the Volkswagen EOS from the year 2006 to 2015 offer superb utility and drivability, plus good looks to go with. With a touch of a button, the roof of the car drops, thus, you quickly transition from a corporate feel of “go-to-work” to a casual feel of “head-to-beach.”

The mechanical part of the car equally lives up to expectations, with its turbocharged 2L engine that produces 200 horsepower. The gear transmission works smoothly and swiftly, giving the car a strong torque curve. An average of $17,465 will get you one.

11 Chrysler 200

Via Bestcarmag

For only $15,600, you can also get the convertible Chrysler 200 with its superb convertible system and its classy styling. It’s a perfect blend of durability and sophistication.

The Chrysler 200 is equipped with a 3.6 Liter V6 engine that generates 283 horsepower, which enables the car to reach the 60 mph mark in 5.7 seconds.

It also has a state of the art interior that gives you the comfort needed to achieve a smooth ride. If you are looking for a convertible car with great looks, comfort, and performance, you can choose the Convertible Chrysler 200.

10 Toyota Solara

Via Kauai Car Rental

The Toyota Solara was imbued with style and classiness that preserves the utilitarian components that Toyota is renowned for. All the models between 2005 to 2008 feature simple body lines that form a spectacular profile when combined with a soft top.

The car still includes useful features, which comprise of ample leg room for 2 tall adults at the backseats and large trunk space, even with its top down. With $13,000, the Toyota Solara can be gotten simply with no stress.

9 2009 Audi A5 Cabriolet

Via Illinois Liver

It’s not every day you see a top-quality convertible car such as the 2009 Audi A5 Cabriolet on a list like this. The car is worth more than its price at $24,000, even as a used one.

The top rival of the 2009 Audi A5 Cabriolet is the convertible BMW 4-series, although the Audi has a more flawless interior than all of its rivals.

The interior features a lovely sound system with a large screen, Bluetooth, climate control and exquisite leather seats. You’d definitely love to give the car a try with its 252-horsepower engine that pumps out 273 lb-ft of torque.

8 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

via Top Speed

The 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet is another lovely convertible car that is quite affordable and classy. It has the looks of an upgraded CLK, with a little more room in the inside. It’s proportioned to be more of a cruiser than a sports car. This comfortable 4-seat Cabriolet has an added advantage of making available additional space when compared with other of its rivals like BMW.

The car’s interior is quite sophisticated with features like color screen LCD with USB, Bluetooth Compatibility, Soft leather chairs that massages you as you mash the pedal at full speed. However, you can get this car at $23,500.

7 2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible

via Motor Trend

The BMW 4 Series convertible car uses a 3-piece retractable hardtop like the prior 3 Series. In only 20 seconds, it can go up and down. Also, it can still recline when the car is at a speed of up to 11mph. The seats of the car have integrated belts like the 6 series, plus they come with optional neck warmers to give you that extra warm feeling.

The BMW 4 series comes in two types; the first has a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that outputs 240 horsepower and the second has a 3.0-liter engine that generates 300 horsepower. An eight-speed transmission is linked to both of these models, which are worth $18,500 and $24,800 respectively.

6 Porsche Boxster


Getting the Porsche Boxster is one of the most affordable ways of having a convertible car that will give you the comfort and smooth handling you require in a car. Its smooth handling is as a result of the car’s well-balanced design.

The year 2009 saw the launch of a new Porsche Boxster generation, which had a smarter look than the previous years, with better engine performance and ampler space. No doubt, buying the 250 horsepower engine for just under $20,000 is not a bad deal at all.

5 2010 BMW 1-Series


The 2010 BMW 1 Series is equipped with a turbocharged 6 cylinder engine that is combined with a 6 speed automatic or manual gear transmission, which gives its drivers a sharp acceleration. Also, the car features an EPA rating of 18mpg in the city and 25mph on the highway.

The sporty handling of the BMW 1-series makes it fun to drive, coupled with its sharp brake system and communicative steering.

The cabin of the car is built with premium materials which give the interior a classy look to go along with its retractable hardtop. At $18,000, the 235 horses will give you a fast and comfortable ride.

4 2018 FIAT 124 Spider Classica


The 2018 FIAT 124 Spider Classica is a unique blend of Japanese engineering and Italian styling with special suspension tuning, a fantastic interior, and a powerful turbocharged engine. The Fiat 124 Spider is a car that gives its driver a unique adventure, even on a twisted road.

At first look, you may mistake the interior of the car with the Mazda Miata MX-5. Nevertheless, the Fiat 124 Spider has a better feel and brighter detailing, plus its fancier seats offer superior comfort. At $24,600 you’d get a new one.

3 2018 Mini Cooper Convertible

Car buzz

The 2018 Mini Cooper Convertible has a unique facelift, which gives a new look, a sophisticated level of equipment, more personalization choices and upgraded fuel economy when compared to its previous models.

The cabin of the 2018 Mini Cooper is not “Mini” as such, considering the fact that is quite ample compared with previous models.

The interior of the car includes a widescreen infotainment system, plus a wireless phone charger. Also, the interior features 3D-printed parts that allow owners to customize their name on the car. It has a turbocharged engine that generates 189 horsepower and torque of 221 lb-ft and it goes for $18,000.

2 2018 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Via Top Speed

The Volkswagen Beetle may be a classic, but the 2018 model still has some punches left, with the simplified powertrain offered by its manufacturers. It also has a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which is an upgrade from the previous models, with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Beetle’s interior has also got a statement to make with its unique leather seats, 7-inch wide touchscreen with Apple/Android compatibility, a keyless ignition, and a rearview camera. It also has a trunk space of 15.6 cubic feet; with the seat folded it offers 30 cubic feet. However, you can pick up a brand new one from the dealership with $18,000.

1 2013 Jeep Wrangler

Via Radka Maric

The Jeep Wrangler is a great option for those that want tough, all-season capability alongside the enjoyability of a legendary four-wheel-drive drop-top with removable doors.

It’s also great for a budget of less than $25,000 because it goes for about $24,899.

This car is one interesting convertible that you can take off-roading. Nonetheless, it’s important to check for things like signs of leaks from the removable roof, excessive clutch noise, signs of fluid leaks from the transmission and differentials, and a popping or clicking sound from the rear end that reveals a worn out differential.

Sources: Autotrader.cacarmax.com, and carsnip.com.

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