10 Angry Celebs That Didn't Want Their Photo Taken (10 That Want The Attention)

Whether you love celebrities or not, they're here to stay. Television has become so popular that regular folks are participating in reality programs that turn them into overnight celebrities. People who venture into the limelight pay the price. Although many celebrities became rich in the entertainment industry, the price they had to pay was their privacy. Wherever celebrities go, paparazzi are ready to snap pictures of them.

Many celebrities have stated that they would pay large amounts of money for privacy. Whether celebrities are walking, eating or training, the paparazzi are on standby to take photos of them. Most celebrities feel that they are human like everyone else and entitled to privacy, and do not appreciate when photographers snap pictures of them while they run errands. While they're in cars, celebrities feel that they're entitled to privacy. That never stopped the paparazzi before. They scuttle to the cars and snap pictures of the celebrities regardless of how much the star is begging to be left alone.

While many celebrities hide away from the paparazzi, some enjoy the attention they get, so they avail themselves to the photographers. We wanted to see which celebrities avoided the paparazzi and the ones who put themselves at the center of attention, so we gleaned photos of celebrities hiding from the paparazzi and ones who smiled for the cameras.

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20 No Attention: Cristiano Ronaldo

via slide.sports

During an interview, Ronaldo claimed that he would pay large amounts of money to go to a place where nobody recognized him. Considering that he has the highest number of followers on social media and is one of the best-paid athletes, Ronaldo can't go to many places in the world where somebody doesn't recognize him.

When he was scheduled to make an appearance, Ronaldo did everything to ensure that nobody recognized him. Some fans know him so well that all they need is to see his eyes to recognize him. Although Ronaldo tried going incognito, fans spotted him.

19 No Attention: Alec Baldwin

via Page Six

Don't mess with some celebrities - is the message that paparazzi should abide by if they want to ensure their safety. One of the Baldwin brothers who doesn't appreciate the paparazzi stalking him is Alec. He enjoyed promenading the streets of New York until photographers hounded him wherever he went.

Baldwin moved to Los Angeles, believing that he would get bothered less. Somebody should have told him that Los Angeles is the world's hub of celebrities and paparazzi. When Baldwin reached his boiling point, he pinned a photographer against the car.

18 No Attention: Justin Bieber

via E! News

Some photographers who messed with the Biebs discovered that he's not all peaches and cream. When the paparazzi wouldn't get out of Bieber's way while he was in the car, Bieber put his foot on the pedal and swerved off but not before knocking over a photographer.

Feeling bad for the incident, Bieber got out of the car to help the photographer, who was lying on the ground. While Bieber attended to the photographer, he asked the paparazzi who stood by to help him, but they ignored him and took the opportunity to snap pictures. Bieber couldn't believe their audacity.

17 No Attention: Kanye West

via The Source

Although West isn't shy to speak his mind and enjoys boasting, he also values his privacy. West is featured in his wife's reality program, but he likes to have some time to himself, so he doesn't appreciate when photographers snap pictures of him without his consent. He got so fed up with the paparazzi that he wrestled a photographer in an attempt to snatch the camera away from him.

While the grapple ensued, other photographers took the opportunity to capture the encounter. Instead of separating the fight, the photographers chose to bank in on the moment by taking pictures.

16 No Attention: Lamar Odom

via Cellcode

Odom played for the Los Angeles Lakers and was married to Khloe Kardashian until 2016. Although his ex-wife enjoys attention, Odom prefers that photographers stay away from him, especially when he's driving. When Odom couldn't take the paparazzi's stalking, he trashed their car by taking out cameras from the back seat and smashing them on the ground.

Odom lost his cool. Fortunately for Odom, he didn't face any charges after the encounter, but he ended up divorcing Kardashian. It makes you wonder if the rumors were true.

15 No Attention: Leonardo Dicaprio

via Pinterest

Some celebrities accept that being on camera is their job but don't want to be on camera when they're not working. One of those celebrities is Leonardo DiCaprio. He doesn't appreciate the paparazzi snapping pictures of him when he's in public, especially while driving.

The Titanic star likes to cover himself up when he's in public, so when the paparazzi took pictures of him while he was on a date with Bar Refaeli, he donned a hoodie to ensure that the photographers couldn't make a buck off of his face.

14 No Attention: Lebron James

via Faded Youth Blog

Being one of the best basketball players of all time means that you don't have privacy wherever you go. Once James exploded onto the NBA scene, he discovered that photographers couldn't get enough of him. Regardless of James' location, photographers stood by and were ready to take pictures of him in every position.

When James took his Jeep Wrangler for a drive, he wasn't expecting the paparazzi to be in proximity, so he got upset when he saw them and flipped down his visor to get some privacy. James wasn't happy about not having alone time.

13 No Attention: Shia LaBeouf

via Youtube

He might act like a nice guy in movies, but LaBeouf might give you the death stare if you try to capture pictures of him while he's driving. The Indiana Jones and Transformers star has gotten friendly with co-star Megan Fox on the screen, but he doesn't have the friendliest persona off-screen.

When LaBeouf pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, the judge sentenced him to anger management, as well. It seems that LaBeouf has recovered and staged a comeback to the screen. While he might be a good actor, he also needs to be friendlier while on the road.

12 No Attention: Tobey Maguire

via Just Jared

His friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio might have prompted Maguire to follow in his friend's footsteps of preventing the paparazzi from snapping pictures of him. The former Spider-Man star wanted the paparazzi to get out of his way when he tried to pull off. They wouldn't listen after Maguire implored them to move out of the way.

He reached his boiling point and shouted at the photographers, but they refused to budge. The photographers took the opportunity to snap pictures of The Great Gatsby star, but he covered his face with an arm to prevent them from getting a shot of him.

11 No Attention: Bar Refaeli

via Purse Blog

It seems that Refaeli and her ex-boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, are on the same page about hiding away from photographers. Since Refaeli isn't an A-lister, she should use every opportunity to gain fame. She gained a decent amount of coverage while dating DiCaprio, but those days are long gone. Perhaps, some people don't like being deprived of their privacy and care more about that than fame.

Refaeli is an Israeli supermodel and a television host. While Refaeli was cruising around town, she used her bag to prevent the paparazzi from snapping a picture of her face.

10 Attention: Floyd Mayweather

via CNN

Anybody who buys a car that costs $4.8 million wants attention, especially Floyd Mayweather. The boxing superstar wanted to feel that he owned one of the rarest cars on the planet, so he bought the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. The car can reach a top speed of 254 mph. Under the bonnet is an engine that can pump out an impressive 1,018 horsepower.

What makes the car special is that the manufacturer produced only two units. Although Mayweather felt special for owning the car, he realized that it cost him a fortune to own, so he sold it.

9 Attention: Kim Kardashian

via Style Bistro

I always wondered how the paparazzi know where celebrities are going to be. Once one watches a video that Kim posts on Instagram, that's when it becomes apparent. Kim likes to announce to her social media followers where she's heading. Not one to miss out on an opportunity to get the most attention possible, Kim ensured that she drove past the place where the paparazzi would be in a convertible.

Considering that she made a video with Ray J, Kim doesn't shy away from the camera. She loves the attention and shares almost every move with her social media followers.

8 Attention: Lewis Hamilton

via The Spokesman Review

Being a celebrity means that you become part of a tightly knitted social group that most average folks cannot penetrate. When Usain Bolt rose to prominence, one of the people he became friends with was Lewis Hamilton. Behind the wheel of the Mercedes SLS AMG is the fastest man on the planet when he is in a car - Lewis Hamilton.

The five-time F1 world champion wanted to show Bolt that he was faster than him, so he took the athlete for a drive. Considering Hamilton loves cars, he has an impressive collection that he likes to show off. Besides the cars, Hamilton also gave us a preview of his jet.

7 Attention: Nicki Minaj

via Tracara

One of the most famous female rappers in the world at the moment is Nicki Minaj. I'm not sure how much of her physical appearance is natural, but I do know that she has great taste in cars and loves to show off the vehicles. Besides the Bentley Continental, Minaj has a Lamborghini Aventador.

Minaj had the Aventador wrapped in pink like the Continental. She loves the color so much that she decided to wear a pink wig to match the car. When the paparazzi flashed the cameras, Minaj was quick to smile. Her music style is as eccentric as her color choice in vehicles.

6 Attention: Paris Hilton

via Zimbio

As soon as Hilton parks her car, paparazzi are standing by to take photos of her. I wonder how they knew the exact parking spot that Hilton would choose. Hilton is the heiress to the family fortune, but she didn't have fame before recording a private movie that she claimed was not originally intended for release. That's what they all say. Once the public saw a more private side of Hilton from the movie, she catapulted into stardom.

Much like the Kardashians, she was famous for being famous. Nobody could figure out what her talent was, but she made a name for herself as a professional DJ.

5 Attention: Simon Cowell

via Autopro

Contestants on Idol and X-Factor feared one judge more than the rest - Simon Cowell. He is an entrepreneur, entertainment manager, and the famous judge that most of the audience booed due to his unpopular decisions. Considering that Cowell was one of the most famous judges that Idol had, he wasn't one to shy away from the camera.

Besides making millions of dollars while telling contestants that they couldn't sing, Cowell loves cars. He has an impressive collection and takes every opportunity to show people. Besides a Bugatti Veyron, Cowell owns vintage vehicles.

4 Attention: Khloe Kardashian

via Hitberry

The name Kardashian is synonymous with attention. The Kardashians don't mind showing the world their family problems, as they have done so for fifteen seasons with Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Khloe is one of the sisters that loves attention wherever she goes. Cameras are everywhere to capture every move that Khloe makes.

When she's driving, cameras are plastered to the windshield so that her followers know what she's doing. Khloe has gotten used to the attention so much that she doesn't notice the cameras anymore.

3 Attention: Katie Price

via Image

Following the lifestyles of celebrities makes one believe that they don't have any problems. We see them take delivery of fancy vehicles, move into mansions and travel on private jets. The part that most of us don't know is that some of the cars, mansions and jets are rentals. Not all celebrities can afford the lifestyle they display.

When Price took delivery of a Porsche Panamera, she couldn't contain her excitement. She would enjoy that car more if she didn't have debt. The Mirror reported that Price was almost $800,000 in debt and had twelve weeks to pay it.

2 Attention: Tom Cruise

via Twitter

One of the nicest men in Hollywood is Tom Cruise. Not only is the Mission Impossible star down to Earth, but he cares about his colleagues and wants them to live a healthy life. Since Cruise has a net worth of more than $500 million, he can purchase almost anything that he desires. One of his purchases was a Bugatti Veyron.

Cruise wanted to show off the vehicle, so he arrived with it to a premiere for Mission Impossible. Not one to be rude to his fans, Cruise waved before stepping inside the $2 million car. It seems that some guys have looks, money, and cars.

1 Attention: Tyga

via E! News

Most rappers like attention and Tyga isn't an exception. One of the ways that Tyga enjoyed getting attention was by buying his ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, cars. Once he purchased the car and surprised Jenner, he would capture her reaction and post it on social media.

Although the deed was generous, reports later surfaced that Tyga was failing to pay installments on his vehicles. Some reports also claimed that some of the cars that Tyga drove were rentals. The fastest way to go broke is by living the life that one can't afford.

Sources: mirror.co.uk

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