Watch A Man Blow Up His Corvette By Revving His Engine Way Too Long

Corvette Fire

A man in Virginia torched his 2002 Chevrolet Corvette after revving his engine for way too long.

It’s so sad what happens to perfectly innocent cars when they’re driven by complete idiots. Or in the case of this C5-gen ‘Vette, when they’re not technically being driven but still definitely have an idiot behind the wheel. Who was also quite possibly drunk.

The story comes to us from Facebook user R Patrick O’Connor IV who posted the video online. What it shows is a very dumb man revving the crap out of his Corvette until it finally has enough and catches fire.

We're not sure exactly why the unknown Virginia man decided to rev his car in the middle of the night. Based on what the people taking the video say later on, it seems like he might have been fighting with his girlfriend, or perhaps had recently been dumped. To get revenge, he went out to his car, a 2002 Chevy Corvette, and started revving the engine to keep his girlfriend awake.

This naturally had the unintended consequence of waking the neighborhood. The folks taping mentioned calling the cops for a noise complaint and saying he'd been doing this petty performance for 10 minutes already.

However, things go from "noise complaint" to "arson" rather quickly. After a series of progressively longer revs, the Corvette "driver" buries the throttle and doesn't let up until literal flames begin to leap out from beneath the engine bay. Sparks and flames could be seen shooting from the exhaust and the engine tenor turned to an extremely strained whine just before it finally dies amidst a growing bonfire.

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After that, you can hear the man cursing as he tries to evacuate the now-burning ‘Vette. He manages to stumble outside, obviously intoxicated, before heading back to inspect the damage. Concluding his car was indeed on fire, he then starts banging on his girlfriend’s door.

Rescue Engine 521 recently ran a vehicle fire in a residential area of 21’s due. The fire started in a 2002 Chevrolet Corvette and spread to an adjacent Mazda, causing a complete loss of both vehicles. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the Fire Marshals Office. The quick actions of the Rescue Engine crew prevented additional vehicles from being involved. #501things #521things #manassasbureauoffire #cmfrd

Posted by City of Manassas Fire Rescue Department on Friday, July 19, 2019

A "pop" can be heard as a tire explodes, then the fire gets much larger and even spreads to the neighboring Mazda. Apparently, it belongs to the man’s girlfriend, which ought to do wonders for their relationship.

Police eventually arrived to arrest the man and the firemen were able to extinguish the Corvette. It’s just a sad day when a Corvette must die for a man’s stupidity.

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