Man Destroys Classic Charger Because Nobody Would Give Him A Fair Offer

After months of trying to flip a classic Dodge Charger, this angry seller is throwing it all away to see it crushed by a forklift.

Crushed Charger

After trying to sell his 1970 Dodge Charger for months, the fed-up seller has decided the only thing left to do is crush it. So he did.

Let us all respect a moment of silence for this late 1970 Dodge Charger, a classic vehicle that would surely have fetched a decent offer from the right person. Sadly, the right person never found this car, and so it has now gone to the great scrapheap in the sky.

The video of this Charger’s untimely demise comes courtesy of MoparRapidTransit who states that the seller had some sort of mental defect. It might seem that way just based on the video description, but it turns out that’s not exactly what’s going on here.

Daniel Gagliardi spoke with TheDrive to give his side of the story. Apparently, he purchased the Charger for just $4,200 with plans to flip it for a profit. The car was in decent condition with all original parts, according to Gagliardi, and all-original Chargers could fetch somewhere close to $10,000 if you find the right buyer.

"I had it for sale, like I said, for six months," Gagliardi told the publication. "I was asking $8,500 for it. It was a complete car, not missing a single thing inside, out, underneath, under the hood, wasn't missing a damn thing. Had fender tag, VIN tag, clean title."

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Unfortunately, nobody wanted to give Gagliardi a fair offer. After so many offers that were either at or below his original purchase price, Gagliardi realized that his plan to flip the car for a profit might be going up in smoke.

Even when he was handed a decent offer he was willing to accept, the buyer just never showed up. " If people would just show up like they said that they would, and keep their word like a man, then they literally could've named their price and owned the car. But people simply just jerked me around, and just wouldn't show up."

After six months of constant aggravation, he’d had enough. Rather than continue to try to find a buyer, Gagliardi took it to the dump to be turned into scrap. An excessive reaction? Perhaps. But as Gagliardi says in the video, he’ll be sleeping just fine tonight.

(via TheDrive)

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