Man Records His Jeep Catching Fire

A YouTuber off-roading in the wilds of Oregon filmed his Jeep spontaneously combust.

Man Records His Jeep Catching Fire

An Oregon YouTuber filmed his 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon catch fire and burn to the ground in the Oregon desert.

We’ve seen a few cars randomly catch fire in recent weeks, such as that Porsche that caught fire for no apparent reason at the Nurburgring. You could at least make the argument there that the Porsche was pushing itself to its breaking point and some sort of mechanical failure caused something to rupture and then catch fire.

Not the case with this guy. Casey Kaiser (of the Coyote Works YouTube channel) was just slowly working his way along a dusty trail in the middle of nowhere Oregon when his engine bay caught fire and caused his poor Rubicon to expire before its time.

Here’s what we know. Casey was working his way around the Glass Buttes of Oregon, which are part of the Central Oregon desert. His YouTube channel is all about going off-road and touring around the rugged Oregon wilderness while pointing out ancient homesteading wrecks and bits of Native American heritage too.

On this particular trip, Casey somehow got a little turned around and wound up in an area he hadn’t intended to go to. Not a giant problem though: Casey just came to a valley where he was prepared to set up camp for the night.

Only when he turned back to his 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, he noticed smoke coming from the hood. He quickly cranked it open and saw a small fire coming from the back of the engine bay.


Casey immediately sprang into action. A prepared outdoorsman always has a fire extinguisher, so Casey emptied his on the fire. It seemed to work at first, but then it flared up again, necessitating the use of some of Casey’s water supplies. When that didn’t work, Casey knew the Jeep was lost and it was time to get as much as he could out of the vehicle before the whole thing went up.

He was successful in rescuing most of his gear, but the rest of the car was a write-off. A giant fireball ensued, and most of Casey’s night was spent ensuring that he didn’t start a brushfire.

Hours later, Casey announced: "Alright, I've done about all I can do. Now I just have to sit here and wait for it to burn to the ground." Which he did while sitting on a camping chair and sipping on coconut milk.

Speaking to Jalopnik afterward, Casey still has no idea what caused the fire. Some speculated that some dried grass got near the exhaust or the catalytic converter, but Casey was doubtful as the fire seemed to start near the back of the engine bay.

Ultimately, nobody knows what happened. Casey has started a GoFundMe to get a new Rubicon, so we know that Casey remains a loyal Jeep customer despite the unfortunate end of his first off-roader.

Good luck, Casey. Here’s hoping your next Jeep doesn’t also catch fire for no apparent reason.


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