Maserati Will Launch A New Two-Seat Sports Car & A New SUV

Maserati, the iconic Italian luxury car manufacturer, has announced that it will launch a second SUV line, a new two-seat sports car, and a replacement for the GranTurismo and GranCabrio. All models will be available with electric and part-electric powertrains. The company is also aiming for higher-level autonomy "as soon as possible."

Maserati, which has struggled with declining sales and an aging lineup, has been relatively low-key lately. Although the automaker had promised to expand its range, there was little news coming out of Modena. Now, however, the brand has unveiled its product strategy for the next three years.

Firstly, the automaker will soon debut the long-overdue Alfieri, a junior two-seat sports car that was previewed at the Geneva Auto Show in 2014. The new model will be available as both a coupe and a roadster and will have an optional electric powertrain with three-motor all-wheel drive and an 800-volt battery system. The Alfieri is expected to go into production in Modena next year when a hybrid version of the current Ghibli will also debut.

Secondly, an SUV, based on the Levante, will be built on a new production line at the Cassino plant south of Rome, which also manufactures the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio. Production will begin by 2021, according to the official press release. Sources say this model will also be available with both standard power and an electric powertrain.

Finally, the GranTurismo and GranCabrio will be replaced and will comprise a different product line than the Alfieri. Although there isn't an official introduction date yet, the new models will probably arrive sometime after 2023. Both vehicles will be manufactured in Turin as Maserati plans to continue producing its entire range in Italy.

The company is aiming for higher-level autonomy for all vehicles, with Level 3 systems currently being developed. The is no official introduction date but a Maserati spokesman says that the systems will be available soon and that earlier models with Level 2 piloted driving will be upgraded to enable hands-off operation.

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Although Maserati production declined from 51,500 vehicles in 2017 to 34,900 vehicles in 2018, the company has more than doubled its production from six years ago. With their current strategy, it sounds like they’re on the cusp of a comeback.

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