May The 911 Turbo Be With You! Porsche To Unveil Fantasy Starship At "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" Premiere

According to Michael Mauer, VP of Porsche Design, the task is to "develop a spacecraft with clear Porsche design DNA."

I must confess, I didn't see this one coming. But with the blurring of lines between art and business, marketing, product placement, and collaborative projects, I suppose it makes sense. When I first read the Porsche news release, I immediately thought of the movie version of Isaac Asimov's I, Robot starring Will Smith. If you'll recall Smith's character drove the futuristic Audi RSQ, a concept car developed by Audi specifically for the film. It was a bold[tldr_position] design that looked far ahead into the future while evoking Audi's inimitable lines.

Is this what we should expect to see out of the collaboration between Porsche and Star Wars? Certainly not! Given the Star Wars modus operandi, and the sketches featured in the press release, I'd expect something infinitely more fanciful, space-age, and without wheels! According to Michael Mauer, VP of Porsche Design, the task is to "develop a spacecraft with clear Porsche design DNA." Porsche and Star Wars designers will work together eventually turning sketches into a precision model. Exactly what that'll end up looking like, however, remains to be seen.

But we're not here to merely report, so let's throw something against the wall and see what sticks. If one looks closely at the sketch below there seems to be a fusion of a Y-fighter and land speeder with the requisite Star Wars do-dads thrown in for good measure. Indeed, the slick aerodynamic lines and design features from across the Rebellion and Empire are all there.


But the image doesn't seem Porsche-enough. Where are the prominent fender pontoons and headlights like on the 911? How about the headlight gill slits adorning the Taycan? And what about that general "revolution of movement" shape that weaves its way through all of the creations from the House of Stuttgart?

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Thankfully, Porsche released some additional pictures with a series of drawings that are more exciting and definitely veer into Porsche territory. First off they are reminiscent of several sets of illustrations that accompanied the original Star Wars trio of movies in the 70's and 80's. Combat vehicles from the Empire, patrol ships from Cloud City, and transport craft from Tatooine are all there in spirit. And if you look closer you'll see something even more interesting.


The yellow split-tail craft has a rear-end evocative of a VW Beetle. And that Y-shaped vacuum cleaner (?) thing above the ship with the yellow explosion looks interesting. And then in the top right corner of the final posted image there appears to be a land speeder with a Macan sloping front-end, Porsche LED matrix-style lights, and the ass of a 2100 model-year Panamera. Well, if you squint at least.

Will one of these designs be the finished product to be unveiled at The Rise of Skywalker premiere? Stay tuned next month to see for yourself. But keep your hands off my popcorn. Buckle up.

(via Porsche)

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