Watch An Absolute Madman Blow Up His Old Mazda Pickup Doing Donuts

At a car event in Florida, a turbocharged and rotary-engined Mazda B-Series pickup blew out its motor doing donuts.


Watch this Mazda B-Series blow up after its owner decides he's tired of having a turbocharged rotary engined vehicle.

This video takes place at Cleetus & Cars in Florida, just to give you an idea of the kind of audience that such an event caters to. As such, it can make those who bring their beloved creations to such events a little crazy.

Take Michael Vargas of Angel Motorsports, Virginia. He brought his 1974 Mazda "Repu" pickup to the event with the hopes that he would be able to take the title of fastest pickup at the drag strip. Sadly, that event closed early and he wasn't able to enter, so instead, he entered the Mazda B-Series in the burnout event.

Mazda Repu Explosion
via 1320 Video on YouTube

Normally, the Mazda B-Series was powered by an inline 4-cylinder engine but Vargas and company had replaced that engine with the 1.3-L 13b rotary engine from a 1993 Mazda RX-7. Then he slapped a massive turbocharger on the front and cut the exhausts such that they're pointing straight out the hood--or what would have been a hood if it were actually there.

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We don’t know how much power this custom pickup makes, but we do know that it was able to run a 12-second quarter-mile time at 111 mph at low boost. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it’s capable of over 600 horsepower.

We also know for a fact that this engine is running particularly rich since the exhaust practically explodes whenever the driver revs it. This makes the pickup loud, obnoxious, and spectacularly well-suited for the burnout event.

Step one to blowing up a pickup: do a bunch of donuts at maximum power on first gear. Step two, run the tailgate against the concrete block to create a shower of sparks and let the audience know that you truly don’t care for the well-being of your vehicle. Step three, hold the truck against the concrete block and fail to push it out of the way at maximum throttle.

The exhaust first glows red hot, and then finally explodes off the truck in spectacular fashion.

Amazingly, Michael is able to fix the pickup and have it running against the very next day. This beater pickup will live on to explode at least one more time.

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