McLaren Builds Its 20,000th Supercar

McLaren has just celebrated building its 20,000th supercar since it started making them for regular folks way back in 2011.

McLaren Builds Its 20,000th Supercar

McLaren Automotive has just celebrated its 20,000th vehicle produced.

Where most large-scale carmakers can create 20,000 cars in a single month, McLaren hand-assembles each and every one of their bespoke luxury supercars. This means instead of making thousands of cars every month, McLaren makes only a few hundred at its production center in Woking, Surrey.

But it’s their attention to detail and performance that has created a car brand unlike any other. McLaren is a name world renowned for eschewing quantity in favor of quality.

McLaren has recently celebrated the construction of their 20,000th vehicle produced. It was a 600LT Spider, in case you were wondering, painted in Chicane Grey. It’s built in right-hand drive, which is roughly 90% of all McLarens sold as their sent to parts of the world that don’t drive on the left.

The 600LT Spider was unveiled earlier this year as part of McLaren’s Track25 business plan. Only adding 110 lbs with to the weight of the original 600LT, the Spider’s folding hardtop roof comes with absolutely no sacrifice to the car’s performance. Power remains the same at 592 horses from its 3.8-L twin-turbo V8 engine, and acceleration also remains at the same 2.9 seconds from zero to sixty. Top speed is 204 mph.

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McLaren Builds Its 20,000th Supercar
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McLaren has been steadily increasing the number of cars they produce year after year, but recently have announced they’ll cap production at 5,000 units to retain the exclusivity of their vehicles. Production will rise to 6,000 vehicles per year once they near the end of the current Track25 business plan, which sees a new McLaren vehicle every couple of months.

“Achieving our 20,000th car built is an important milestone for McLaren Automotive,” said McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt in a statement. “Last year we hand-assembled just over 4,800 cars and we plan to maintain around 5,000 cars a year for the immediate future. While demand for our products continues to grow, we aim to balance that to maintain exclusivity for our brand and our customers. It is fitting that we celebrate this achievement with a 600LT Spider which has been a huge success for us with all production slots for the coupe variant now sold out.”

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