Check Out The McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection

The McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection has been revealed, and everything from the interior to the parts is all black.

Check Out The McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection

Black is the new black for McLaren.

From the depths of McLaren’s Special Operations division comes a new version of McLaren’s entry-level supercar: the McLaren 570GT MSO Black Edition.

Why is it called the Black Edition? Because it’s black. All of it. The exterior is Carbon Black paint, all the chrome bits that used to make the 570 shine have been painted over by MSO’s Defined Black Pack, the exhausts have been painted in Nano Black Exhaust Finisher, the wheels are covered in Gloss Black paint, and even the brake calipers have been painted black.

The inside of the car is much the same story: Carbon Black paint has been used liberally to make the inside of the vehicle look like it might belong to the Addams Family. Only black cows were killed in to upholster everything in black leather. Steering wheel, dashboard, start button, and even the key fob is—you guessed it—black.


So, this is a McLaren that will blend in with the crowd (so long as the crowd is all-black supercars) and will definitely heat up in the summer sun. Remember to buy the optional reflector.

Much of the MSO Black Edition comes from the Sport Pack option for the regular 570S. Upgrades include carbon ceramic brakes as well as the MSO Defined Titanium SuperSports Exhaust which makes the car 5 kg (11 lbs) lighter at the cost of becoming 5 dB louder.

via McLaren

The MSO Black normally comes with a black tinted panoramic roof, but an extra $6,700 you can get the MSO Defined Electrochromic Panoramic Roof. This allows the user to select the amount of tinting they want on the fly via the center console thanks to space-age “smart glass” technology.

And of course, the 570GT MSO Black still comes with the same 3.8-L twin-turbo V8 engine you know and love producing 562 bhp and 443 lb-ft of torque.

They’re only making 100 examples of this very bespoke (and very black) car, so remember to remortgage your house to come up with the £179,950 ($250,000) necessary to buy one.


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