McLaren 600LT MSO Gets Roof Scoop

The McLaren 600 LT was just revealed and there's already a roof scoop add-on!

McLaren took the stage during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Charity event to show their new creation, the McLaren 600LT MSO. We know some people expected to be just the usual awesome McLaren, but this was quite the opposite the 600LT MSO has additional features added to it one that makes it stand out. It has a roof scoop.

This makes it look even hotter and it improves the sound of the roaring engine. The air scoop acts more or less like an air vent, and the only difference is that it is cooler and much more expensive. McLaren also integrated state of the art camera in the scoop that can be used for recording races.

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If you can't drive the McLaren, you can just buy it and have it for display in your garage or if you feel generous enough you can lend it to your friends and family. If this sweet ride is on your bucket list, then all you have to do is get in touch with the only people who can sort you out and that is the McLaren Special Operations team.

These talented workers were not all that secretive when it comes to their work. A few weeks ago, they showed off two beautiful MSO fettled McLarens that were examples of the 720S. At least they prepared us for the unveiling of this pristine 600LT which came in Stealth Grey.

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With McLaren focusing on good looks and Perfectly tuned performance, they also put weight into the equation since it plays a big role when it comes to performance. The 600LT’s roof, front splitter, door mirrors, rear diffuser, rear bumper, front wing louvers and the rear deck are all made from carbon fiber. This is to ensure that the car's weight is not a hindrance to performance. The paint job the Stealth Grey is also quite unique a fission of matt black and McLaren's exterior orange pack.

McLaren had it out with this car making sure that all the details are looked into and given the utmost attention. Besides the awesome carbon fiber exterior and interior, they also added beautiful 10 spoke glossy black wheels. Inside the dihedral doors, the slim carbon fiber seats are properly padded and the orange theme is transferred to the stitches on the seats, you also get a throttle pedal branded with the 600LT logo. For the Pro Pack, you get a six-point harness courtesy of the MSO Club. The car also comes with an awesome sound system courtesy of Bowers & Wilkins for your entertainment.

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From a personal standpoint, we think McLaren have outdone themselves with this car. The perfect tuning of beautiful physical attributes and performance.


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